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Grab your favorite food and a bottle of Pepsi and join us at the on October 24, A'TIN! 💙 Mamimigay kami ng exclusive Pepsi prizes and food vouchers sa FB Live, at mamimigay pa ang ng 10,000 meals to Rise Against Hunger!

London parks will always be associated with wild life and squirrels who don't hesitate to come to you just to see if you have food.

"Food waste really is one of the world's most overlooked environmental problems," says Rayner Loi. "And this is why at Lumitics we're passionate about building solutions to help tackle food waste and loss"

Look: 🔸Supermarkets in a German state can BAN you from buying food based on medical status 🔸People in Italy without covid passport are BANNED from going to work 🔸Canada is BANNING people from flying based on medical status 1 year ago these were called conspiracy theories.

In Germany if you aren't vaccinated you can't access food shops to feed your family. They are happy for your kids to starve. Remember its all about your health!

Aerofarms also produces food on solar, less waste. with 95% less water

rosé learning about french food 😋

7 plant foods to elevate athletic performance 🏃🏿‍♂️ Thread 🧵

Dear pet owners, if your cats eat dry food, please make sure they have fresh water to drink and they drink it in sufficient quantity. 💦

Drinking clean water, exercising, eating high vibrational foods, listening to your body's needs and abstaining from unhealthy addictions are all acts of self-love. These are offerings you make to your body. Your body is a temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.

I believe; (i) If people are drowning they should be rescued. (ii) People shouldn't have to use food banks. (iii) Education should be a priority. (iv) There should be a law against tax avoidance. (v) Healthcare should be properly funded through NI and not privately run.

Today is World Food Day. Share and appreciate a nice meal with your loved ones. 😊

WE LOVE TEJRAN What's your favt food Mine is Biryani lol

Saw this in FB. “These two ladies are selling Kotas and sandwiches in Pretoria central on Pretorius street between Roman's pizza and KFC. If you don't know what to get for lunch or breakfast here is a plug. Their food is absolutely delicious." Please lets Support our sisters

love language is food.

Food for thought: If Anti BJP forces come back to power in 2024, what happened in West Bengal will happen across the country.

Good Afternoon iKONICs and Changus. Our fund drive is nearing to it’s goal. Few more pushes and we’ll get that food truck for Chanwoo For interested donors, please check the form and the details on the main tweet guys . Thank you :)

"taehyungie doesn't like spicy food" "jimin can't eat seafood" "taehyungie doesn't like coffee" "it might be too spicy for taehyungie" "it might be heavy for jiminie"

This Is What Our Culture Is Which Our Most Of Elders Still Follow ❤ Respect Your Food ❤

14 million UK citizens live in poverty, 8 million live in fuel poverty & 10 million live with food insecurity. Increasingly, people in poverty have jobs. Poverty wages are the root cause of poverty. We need £15+ an hour wages now.

are obsessed with quality. (partners, clothes, food, music)

5 years in China and the only African restaurants I’ve seen are West African and East African. Although Southern Africans are many over here, they are only consumers of other people’s cultural foods, you don’t see them opening restaurants and marketing their traditional foods.