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Set up your cooking gears because the resident recipe from is here to make you eat like your eating a foreign food .

hyunjin said he wants to travel with jeongin, go shopping and eat delicious food together 💕❣️

foods i’m craving rn : a thread 😍😍

How I think Ji Chang Wook is passing time in quarantinee 😄♥️ games, food/coffee, sleep, games... 😆

camp at Zero Point *2 women gave birth under these conditions. *Raised bamboo platform built to do delivery. *1 elderly man died. *NO DRY FOOD DISTRIBUTED BY ICRC or ANY NGO. *Latrines submerged. *Tube wells underwater.

With the support of Myanmar youths in exile, 110 households in Hlaing Tharyar Township & 30 households in Lay Daung Kan Village, East Dagon Township were donated basic food items today (28th July). MYANMAR BEGS FOR OXYGEN

One day, a bunch of us decided to put our money together & treat ourselves to MacD's. As we huddled around our bikes, an appreciably alert citizen rolled down his window & questioned who's food we were eating. And this, my friends, is how sh*t about us that isn't true goes viral.

Food don Dey finish, Noodles don finish, na where wahala go start be this, and I’m here for it

🌎 is pushing 's indigenous people in to extinction. They rely on for food and other needs but the lake has shrunk over the past few years which UN scientists say it's due to

White money: Make them continue wasting food till we lose our wager, everyone go open mouth collect Ac and dilute it with water! Who did I offend this season 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♀️

Making food expensive with edible gold is lazy and hack. Make a burger from a prize racehorse and serve it wrapped in a Picasso, you cowards

Send your favourite foods for the prom night polls

irrelevant about gnshn , but when I ramble on Inazuma I wanna draw some Japanese foods

You snoop our dignitaries phones ! You attack our farmers ! You snatch food from the poors ! Stop this hypocrisy BJP ! Stop obstructing parliament and Debate.

Food is running out Noodles don finish ..... Kitchen fights loading din din loadin

The military council terrorists raided into Thapye Aye Village, Taungpu Tract, Yinmarbin Township, used public food supplies and destroyed belongings on July27,yesterday. They slept overnight and left this morning. MYANMAR BEGS FOR OXYGEN

Ideas for breakfast/lunch/dinner for you & your family. We welcome u to try our swahili foods which come in good portions, accommodative packages topped w undeniable flavours. We are online based and offer both deliveries & pick-up at your convenience. Pre-order on: 0793394634

Presumed Buff-tailed Bumblebee, Bombus terrestris feeding on Spear Thistle, Cirsium vulgare, one of its favourite foods. In rough grassland in Lydney, Gloucestershire.