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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Caithlyn - The Entitled Elaine Cruz - Caught In The Act Mikay - Huwag Kang Mangamba Congratulations to our best girl We know marami pang oppurtunities You deserved all the blessings We love you!!!!!! HKM ANDIABAYA AS MIKA

if there was a venn diagram of the most synchronised girl group and gfriend it would be one circle

girl never got tired of serving

Back then maraming nagsasabi na "maganda lang naman yan" "di yan sisikat". Now look at her keep proving herself till she came this far. We're really proud of u andi, that's our girl. HKM ANDIABAYA AS MIKAY

and ofc to the management & dreamscape, tysm for trusting our best girl!!! HKM ANDIABAYA AS MIKAY

go girl !!! crazy proud for you !!! HKM ANDIABAYA AS MIKAY

you’re simply lying if you don’t think they’re the cutest

lmao some people are so insecure and bored with the groups they stan they need to talk abt other groups and find ways to drag them down 😭 like this wouldnt happen if youre stanning the most interesting girl group,, you’d be satisfied enough

Mrng...🌅 Puppy faces 😘 Don't forget to vote for our Champ....💙

Double midnight snack anyone? What is your favorite snack??? {Russian gassy girl Face fart findom Girl fart woman fart spoil me bubble guts booty}

110728 sm launched "girls' generation photobook" app for ipad which welcomes you to their marvelous drawing features & puzzles you can enjoy :)

one time i went to girl scout camp and the 7 other girls in my cabin were also named sydney and then i never went to girl scout camp again

soofany jamming to nobody - wonder girls 👯‍♀️

reading theories made me realize that maybe the lore is a cute little story of a magical store where the girls find their new selves and they live happily. but at the same time there could be a mastermind trapping the girls in a dream-like experience and that's on duality!!

Checked in on my squadron today, I forgot I had more than four T.T I missed my girls.

800K done 💥 Get United folks 🤙 1 pm kulla 1M ah thatrom thookurom 🔥🔥🔥

Two pretty girls that we all have a crush on 😭

Hwasa confusing us and releasing a collab outta nowhere , Wheein having every company in the industry ready to sell their organs to sign her, Yong and Byul dropping a unit song and it's not even lunch time, I love being a moo, our girls busy and doing what they love, immaculate

yeh i wrote & produced this time for track no.3 “Good at Love” from Perfect World! Go girls!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥stream Good At Loveeeeeee y’all hehe