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Jessica William

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'Finally, some good fucking food' - Gordon Ramsay

Please retweet... my customers are on your TL🙏😭 There's a wide range of meals on our menu and here's just a few. Kindly DM for your food needs and trust to be delivered right on time to you or click These ones go for 2500. Bulk orders can be discounted

Enjoying a traditional dinner!

"Communism is when no food haha." *Meanwhile under Capitalism.*

Do you think they sell pizza rolls at Swole Foods Market?

【UTAU】The vocal synth of the hour is Kasane Teto. Originally made as an April Fools’ joke, Teto is a mischievous and cheerful chimera. Her favorite food is French bread, and her favorite phrase is “you are indeed stupid”.

saying you don’t like some kind of soul food around black people is dangerous cause somebody gone tell you that yo people just can’t cook 💀

When you eat food it has to be murdered in the mouth and then travels through a spooky skeleton just to become shit. Damn smh

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs George Eustice was just one of 265 Tory MPs who voted to allow water companies to dump sewage in our rivers and beaches.

To make a living during her mayoral campaign, is delivering for Door Dash. She gets recognized, but she says: "I'm just like: 'Here's your food. Don't make it weird.' ... It's just amazing how impressed people are that I do normal things."

🐶🐰: "it's a really good day today. it's lee know hyung's birthday. try eating food that a different member that's not yourself makes. ah of course i won't make you food. happy birthday~"

Today was the wedding anniversary of one of their longtime backup dancers and he couldn’t spend it with his wife bc of the concert, Son Sungdeuk sent food to the stadium including “party pasta” aka janchi noodles. Janchi noodles are served at big celebrations like weddings, etc.

food i made yesterday 🖤

I ate lunch at Culver’s yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it. Top tier fast food establishment.

thinking about how in 2018 lee know said that he gets happy when he's able to cook for the members but he only knows how to make kimchi fried rice... look at him now, with everyone saying his food tastes the best and that they enjoy his cooking so much ㅠㅠ♡ he must be so happy

They fought to their last breath. 💔 Just like any other animal, fish can suffer & they don't want to be killed for a meal. Show compassion for fish & ALL animals by choosing more plant-based foods.

Jenny trying to cook Indian food 🤣🤣 lmao!

It’s actually wild how we have to pay more for organic produce. A literal premium for buying food that is grown the way God intended. WILD. I hate it here.

According to the CDC, 95% of those hospitalized for Covid infection had at least one underlying medical condition. Most of these are related to insulin resistance, and therefore to consumption of garbage food, and poor body composition. But no one will tell the truth about this