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Jessica William

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“They couldn't even get us oxygen, how can we trust them with our food? We cannot lose relatives to hunger now.” After 8 months and no consensus between farmers and the Centre, women at ‘Mahila Kisan Sansad’ discussed the essential commodities amendment.

Fotham Xpress is glad to announce its latest customer🎉🎉 . Contact us for your delivery of healthy foods and delicious snacks.

If you’re my friend, I will definitely attend a birthday dinner where I pay for my own food or split the bill. In fact, we could even cover the birthday person’s share so they don’t pay for anything.

foods i’m craving rn : a thread 😍😍

Singto’s BD gifts Finally we can present the gifts bought for Singto to celebrate his Bd. Those are: A box with gifts A box with money rolls and a cross stitch picture Food support for Singto Alcohol sprays

With the help of Burmese youths in exile , food items were donated to 140 households in and this morning . MYANMAR BEGS FOR OXYGEN

WhiteMoney says he doesn't joke with food. Omo i know my fave 😂

Taste like a sweet dream— 美梦的味道— (Thank you for 1000+ followers here's food!! ✨🌠 _(┐「ε:)_)

With the support of Myanmar youths in exile, 110 households in Hlaing Tharyar Township & 30 households in Lay Daung Kan Village, East Dagon Township were donated basic food items today (28th July). MYANMAR BEGS FOR OXYGEN

New CEO for Heritage Foods

Send your favourite foods for the prom night polls

You snoop our dignitaries phones ! You attack our farmers ! You snatch food from the poors ! Stop this hypocrisy BJP ! Stop obstructing parliament and Debate.

Don't forget to take care of your foods😹 your housemates must eat their swag or alcohol they are busy buying.

buddha and tony's streams are so comfy rn,, they're just open-mic talking to chat and each other about favorite foods n stuff like that 🤗

Hunger can make you think you have feelings for the person who just bought you food😂

Looting and road closures and unrests costed the state millions and recent shortage of appliances, foods and beverages was also linked to this. Looks like if you loot you need to be a government official to avoid being jailed or told the consequences of your actions.

Think ghost has a book issue like me🤣 We kinda spent $7 on ones today I totally yelled saying that's dog food or something but wanted them too🤣 No light and busy

irrelevant about gnshn , but when I ramble on Inazuma I wanna draw some Japanese foods

| Heritage Foods reports a consolidated net loss of 68.6% YoY, revenue shows a slight improvement

camp at Zero Point *2 women gave birth under these conditions. *Raised bamboo platform built to do delivery. *1 elderly man died. *NO DRY FOOD DISTRIBUTED BY ICRC or ANY NGO. *Latrines submerged. *Tube wells underwater.