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Jessica William

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jimin’s precious smile ):

She gives some vlive filters a try after reading chat

and Jinsoul bc the smile they gave her


jangjun said sunoo's eye smile became even prettier 😭 so he was showing it so cute 😭

the mc congratulated sunoo because his eye smile became prettier. he said he was tired one time but when he saw sunoo's eye smile, he was refreshed

Just Gonna leave it here, i'm speechless.

"I told you to smile, why don't you smile?"

please... the way he looked at heeseung with the biggest smile on his face... my ramyeonz🥺

DJ : Can I say this? Our Sunoo sshi’s eye smile becomes more beautiful. Every time I saw .. Actually,I saw Sunoo in Music Broadcast’s waiting room . Even he wears Mask, I can see his eyesmile . I was very tired at that time , but it can melt my tiredness

the love ’s eye smile :(

when changkyun smiles like that >>>


smile looks so beautiful on jungkook

these previews of jeongyeon and sana hugging each other so tightly with the biggest smiles on their faces...😞

The never changing smile 😭😭 210314 211022

If someone’s name makes you smile, KEEP THEM. ~bliss Nazar naa lage🧿

her smile is everything

Taehyung's soft smile while looking at Jungkook and bam :(

jinki's ears go up when he smiles 😭😭

their smiles are everything

the prettiest smile