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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

LALISA FIRST WIN many many congratulations to our girl Lisa 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

i understand chenle when he said he goes offline when ningning invites him to play pubg bcs LOOK AT WHAT THIS GIRL IS DOING 😭

Mina is the prettiest girl with the prettiest smile

Hazard with Hazard with his Phor a pretty girl

Our girl deserves all success and happiness. Jo Tera howega is her first official music video as a singer and actor. Please guys we have to make it huge for her. She is doing all the hardwork along with team and we have to mke it huge success.🧿♥️🙏🥺🎉

[] The 'COMBINATION MISSION' Continues | Tonight 8:20PM(KST) Don't Miss the Fierce Competition of the 'COMBINATION MISSION'! The Winning Team Receiving 270,000 Points of Benefit is?! Tonight 8:20PM(KST)

3am and im doodlin with my homie have a surfer girl

Hazard with a pwetty girl vs Hazard with his Phor😂❤ our hazard is a little playboy!

My 4 best girls of each group:))

We sorry...They ruined everything in seconds..🌚

【Hatsune Miku】Dollfie Dream Character Clothing (Ribbon Girl Outfit Set)

[] PLANET MOMENT #28 The Real Master does not Depend on Tools✨ The Red Towel Vividly Presenting🚩 <Fate> Team's 'Present' Moments Spotted 📸 < : > Tonight 8:20 PM(KST)

HMMMMMM A FAV AM WELL PLEASED 🥰 God Please Protect Her For us🙏 Give Her More Than Enough🙏 And Strengthen Her so She Can Continue To be the WINNER she Is📌 A Girl with GENUINE heart and Mind keeps flying ✌️

If you have the Syok app, don't forget to like the girls songs! They'll play it more in the future during their shows!

another hit from COSMIC GIRLS! WJSN!

[] PLANET MOMENT #26 The CRAZY Perfect Musician YOUNG EUN's Crazy Insane(?) Piano Skills 🎹 <My House> Team's 'Dream High' Moments Spotted 📸 < : > Tonight 8:20 PM(KST)

A brilliant example by the girls here of missing out a player when moving forward & passing. I spotted some cheeky dummy passes in there too girls! 😉

the girls must've been missing jeongyeon so much knowing that she really wanted to do a horror themed ttt episode before☹️