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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Who's on top right now ? THIS GIRL.😌

Jaebeom and the girl has amazing chemistry, I love it 🥺

Amazing & Beautiful Trailer 💛💛 Munchkin u just Nailed it Baby girl👏👏 From looks to ur Screen Presence Dialogue delivery, cute Punjabi accent everything is so mesmerising Ur chemistry with paji 💛💛 Shine Bub✨

our shining star looking amazingly gorgeous and am sure is really happy for his girl from above..eager to watch the full movie..

We need each other girl you know why... เขินโว้ยยยยยยยค่ะ 🤩

Idk but the concept for AM PM and FAME kinda makes me remind of the film “Before Sunrise”?? Like it seems like Junny and Jay B were on a trip and met this girl which Jay B ended up fall in love and the AM PM is the part where they suppose to say goodbye to each other

Who wants a girl friend ,DM 🌸?

Dating a jealous girl is so stressful, she will be like "I saw that girl looking at you, why did you allow her to see you?

that's our best girl! HAIRA ON FASTTALKWITHKIM

Drawtober (close enough really) #2 Slime girl, Cheerleader, thigh highs

Boys will be boys but girls will be women ❤️

our birthday girl

Elites, how many awards are we winning? Just a few days left to vote for the ! Voting closes Oct 1st so let’s do what we do best! 🙏🏽🌟💫 Categories ✨Next Rated Actress of the Year ✨Female Personality of the Year Vote Erica Nlewedim:

the prettiest girl ever

NENGI THE ACTRESS has taken over. This humble girl from bayelsa is going world wide. ANTICIPATE BBNB BADBOYS AND BRIDESMAIDS

Indoors Sativa Girls Scout

Happy birthday Western girl❤️🇺🇬

Forgot to talk about it yesterday but this is so fucking cool, i love this moment so fucking much