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not momo sneakily eating food in her costume 😭

Good food deserves to look good 👍🏾

"let's get food" is literally my love language

wooyoung volunteered to scoop food for them & the way he didn’t notice that he forgot to give some to jongho 😭😭

hayoung promotes namjoo’s youtube 🍞: among our members, namjoo unnie does mukbang channel on youtube called <namjoosekki> she is really good at expressing the taste (of the foods she eats)

My amma's losing motivation in her food business, order a lil something and I promise you won't regret! Rt and spread the word. 🥺♥️

The amount of minayeon todayyyy IMPENDING FOOD COMA


lena, honey, she's your friend, not food

I've just been informed that some people posing as volunteers in black are out with poisoned food. You eat and on your way home you fall down and that's it. 😭😭 PLEASE DON'T TAKE FOOD FROM ANYONE.!!!

20 October 1943 | A Polish woman Helena Płotnicka, a member of the resistance group engaged in helping prisoners of (she smuggled food and messages for them) was registered in the camp with no. 65492. She perished in Auschwitz in March 1944.

shut up everyone. manifesting chanwoo's food truck in broad daylight.

Folks often say lockdowns worked. But for who did they work? Folks often say because the twitter class was protected, trickledown benefits protected those that delivered food and goods to the door. But trickledown health benefits is just a mirage that lets them sleep at night.

So how many of u stopped going to work , meeting people and eating food after 2 September. I'm asking to those who r asking same to .

UPDATE: So they went down the route of “Racial Sensitivity” and how that comment could offend others *🙄* but the BM basically said (paraphrasing abit btw) “you shoulda sat there & ate ya food bc in the spirit of BHM, THIS is OUR truth. Hard to hear, but harder to experience” 💀

I salute the business owners who supported the patriots on the field by supplying food.

On this day LAST YEAR in Abuja, the protesters approached a traffic warden & he was trying to run. They stopped him & told him they recognized their good works, & gave him drinks, food & fruits. After they left, he bent down and shed some tears. RT!

"I keep telling him Bombay ayega na toh I'll take you to food places, I'll take you to good dessert jahape tu guilt free sugar free khayega" Shivi 🥺🍉 Even the thought of them not staying in the same place after the show ends hurts so much...

How long do we have to live in 2 realities? 🤔 One half of this country thinks Brexit is working and the Covid-19 crisis is over yet there's food and labour shortages with thousands seriously ill or dying from Covid-19. The other half are just trying to stay sane.

heyyyy would anyone mind giving me some money for food?? all my links are in my pinned

⚽️: Hi Everyone. I’ve finished shooting Photoset for my First fanmeeting in Japan. Now, it’s my lunch time. I’ve ordered a food which is Pad Thai Moo krob (Pad Thai with Crispy pork) which is Thai cuisine (1)