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mingyu is enjoying his food 🥺🥺

1-My grocery. There’s plenty of food it’s not as if we will starve. But I’ve never seen empty shelves like this in my lifetime.

Have an amazing weekend 🥰

you know the food is good when jungkook starts to look angry

Stream in about an hour :D Hopefully my food gets here in time though uh oh

those eyes he give when he's offering foods to the staffs

jimin’s food cheekies 😋🥢

Hes telling his dad someones there stealing his food HAHAHAHAHAHA HAZARD SWEETHEART

Remember when Testerhoon brought Chanwoo to the first food stop and the owner couldn't stop praising Chanwoo for being so handsome

when the food is too tasty that Hobi’s face turns 😠

Women's Union, Youth Union and Public Security Union cooked free meals for people in quarantine areas in Son La, Vietnam. Damn, the food looks sooo freaking goood!

Thread of heartwarming pictures from the protests: I don’t know his handle but he cooked & brought food by himself to the protests ground on October 9th.

they were asked to pick on what food to eat (?) and mingyu chose thai food, then seungkwan said "this hyung is famous in thailand! when i introduce my self in concerts, the fans go 'wah!!' but when it's him they go 'WAAAAH!!'" 🤣

I cannot thank the people of Africa enough for sending food aid to the UK

Seungkwan IG On the ipad: Major entertainer ❤ Seungkwan-ah, you're amazing ❤ Seungkwan you did well for the whole day You must be tired rightㅠㅠ Carats are very proud of you❤ You ate a lot of delicious foods Kwanranghae~❤ On the note: Amazing Saturday staffs Kwanranghae❤

felix’s travel in japan schedule, 1am-8am: sleep in good & comfy bed in japan 8-11 : wanna eat good japanese breakfast 11-3pm : SHOPPING 3-6pm :go around tokyo & look around japan’s only city & food 6-9 : go to japanese rest & eat for 3 hrs at my own pace

📸: 1, 2, 3! 👦🏻👧🏻: Eggplants! 🐰: 😊 > 😳 > 😄 Xiao Zhan’s cute reaction changes when the kids screamed his least favourite food 🤣 P.S. The kids saying “eggplants” is like us saying “cheese” when we take photos Cr.Logo

nong hazard : papa, there is something weird near my food bowl 🥺 —— ;

You can now only eat the foods the animal based on your Fursona eats in it's natural habitat. How good/bad you eating tonight? Looks like Rabbit is on the menu