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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

mingi did amazing on stage today as well!! <33

The storyline and cutscenes of the new event is amazing just like Lae 🤭

The mood this morning is Sufiyana…stumbled upon this amazing mashup and what can I say besides that I’m in love with it ♥️

Mark 💬 "We won 1st place in EuMark-Jjungshim!" "Kkk I'm really happy too" "Because Jungwoo is the MC and gave (the trophy), it's more amazing" "The waiting room in MuCore is filled with our pictures kkkk" 🥺❤

bang chan looks amazing in this outfit

good luck today mc jeno!!!!!! you'll do amazing today <3

Last 2 pages of my old sketch book I've been using over the last year starting October 1st will be my new sketchbook with Sketchtober works! For now here's a gift for my musically talented friend and an Autumn romantic walk peice for my amazing Foxy 💜🖤💙

congratulations Gulf as new presenter of !! 🥳 this is our little gift to you ❤️ su su na for today!! we are always here beside you and ready to support you, our amazing and talented idol, have fun today 👏🥰

What a show!!! at in Manchester last night were amazing, the body may fail but the voice remains unchanged ❤👊🎶🤘

besides fansigns and amazing saturday appearance, ateez have no other live schedule today so please atinys focus on our voting and streaming priorities. ateez only got us. we need to double our efforts if we want them to get more wins

mark bbl we got 1st place on eu-mak-jjung-shim*!!! kekekekekeke i really like it too it's even more amazing because jungwoo was the mc and gave it they filled the waiting room with our pictures at music core kekekekeke (*pun using music core + his and jw’s names)

the choreographer for dunhuang dance team mentioned kiki in his weibo! "i choreographed the dance for kiki's team and a few days later she told me: 'teacher, i think we can increase the level of difficulty to challenge ourselves.' she's an amazing dancer and practises nonstop"

I hope you already know how amazing you are and you deserve all the happiness & blessings in this world. You've got this OUR QUEEN .

Mateo Kovacic on goalkeepers Edouard Mendy and Kepa Arrizabalaga: "We are blessed to have these two amazing goalkeepers. Kepa had an amazing game against Aston Villa and Edou has had an amazing impact for us." [via ]

This fill changed me and now I want to do some amazing stuff and help people

kerem bursin always amazing

rt if you think that this interview will be amazing