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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

October 20th, 1999. Monkey D. Luffy sets sail in search of the legendary treasure, the One Piece, in the first episode of the One Piece anime. Today we celebrate 22 years with the Straw Hat crew and congratulate them on their incredible journey. We look forward to the future! 🏴‍☠️

It'll look like this in Philly.

GOD he looks incredible in this shot that’s my Batman

the way he looks at namjoon and touches his hair 🥺🥺 some things never changes

4 perfect innings so far! Framber Valdez is making it look easy.

Coastal Carolina looking cleannnnn💧for tonights game!!  Drop a 🌊 if you feeling the look

Look how she is sleeping on my lap. 🥰🥰🥰

Man’s mugshot goes viral after many say he looks like the Mexican Michael Myers

he looks just like a dream the prettiest boy i've ever seen

HoYeon Jung looks beautiful in new photos for .

Billie Eilish looks breathtaking in new promotional photo for her fragrance, ‘Eilish,’ coming this fall.

After an MRI scan on his shoulder today and consultation with the specialist, unfortunately is not fit to fight on October 30. The show will proceed without Dillian and we look forward to seeing him back in the ring shortly 👊

Wayne from Hylics 2. Sorry this looks weird, I know it looks weird, but I just did this for fun as a quick drawing.


The fantastic printed these off and they look better in foil than I could have hoped.

Looks like money talks. So......what are we waiting for?

these look like they could be from the same year not 10 years apart☹️

wait i forgot i took this picture of my cat look at how fucking cute she is

Why aren’t we forcing mentally ill people who are living on the streets & soiling themselves in public into treatment? Or mandating that addicts living in squalor get forced treatment? It’s compassionate to help them with their sickness or addictions - not look the other way.