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Food distributors complain of lack of detail over Covid tests

In Pakokku Tsp, young people donated food and 10,000 kyats to the houses with white flags on July 28. MYANMAR BEGS FOR OXYGEN

Fotham Xpress is glad to announce its latest customer🎉🎉 . Contact us for your delivery of healthy foods and delicious snacks.

In , charity youths donated basic food items accompanied with 10000 MMK for each White Flag household today . MYANMAR BEGS FOR OXYGEN

If you’re my friend, I will definitely attend a birthday dinner where I pay for my own food or split the bill. In fact, we could even cover the birthday person’s share so they don’t pay for anything.

foods i’m craving rn : a thread 😍😍

With the help of Burmese youths in exile , food items were donated to 140 households in and this morning . MYANMAR BEGS FOR OXYGEN

New CEO for Heritage Foods

Singto’s BD gifts Finally we can present the gifts bought for Singto to celebrate his Bd. Those are: A box with gifts A box with money rolls and a cross stitch picture Food support for Singto Alcohol sprays

Leaving the EU cos you think it's the Soviet Union only to end up with food shortages is peak Brexit irony.

Don't forget to take care of your foods😹 your housemates must eat their swag or alcohol they are busy buying.

With the support of Myanmar youths in exile, 110 households in Hlaing Tharyar Township & 30 households in Lay Daung Kan Village, East Dagon Township were donated basic food items today (28th July). MYANMAR BEGS FOR OXYGEN

I will be there LIVE on Saturday 31st July! Early detection is the KEY! Please and please WOMEN avail yourself of this initiative Optimal Cancer Care Foundation in conjunction with Lagos State through the Lottery Board, Access Bank, W Initiative & Rite Foods Ltd See you there..

Maria and Liqourose giving me the vibe, make una food sah sweet oo 🤣

World Food Program at the United Nations Plane in Oromia's East Hararge Zone Kombolcha Woreda collapsed World Food Program Tuesday afternoon relief While carrying workers and flying from Jijiga to Dire Dawa He confirmed that the plane had crashed.

Thanks to everyone who let and made Jinki in this kinda variety show, just look how happy he is, surrounded by a calm and pleasant vibe, music, good peeps and good foods. He is destined with Sea of Hope indeed.

Abeeeenoooooo... Did you know that Tomatoes are very high in the carotenoid Lycopene; eating foods with carotenoids can lower your risk of cancer. Make your orders now.

Think ghost has a book issue like me🤣 We kinda spent $7 on ones today I totally yelled saying that's dog food or something but wanted them too🤣 No light and busy

Distribution of 700+ food kits to the needy families in 2 cities of Karnataka which is Bangalore and Mysore is hopefully completed. And one more village to go next week with 300 food kits, grand total of 1000 food kits. This is only possible caz of community 🙏

tw:ed // safe foods thread! - disclaimer: i’m not claiming that these foods are healthy or that all of them are filling. i take adderall to suppress my appetite, so i don’t get very hungry. these are just relatively low cal and are great for cravings <3

You snoop our dignitaries phones ! You attack our farmers ! You snatch food from the poors ! Stop this hypocrisy BJP ! Stop obstructing parliament and Debate.