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Amazing. Yet ppl will watch this and still not see it

Kim Kibum KEY is not labeled as a top all-rounder idol for no reason. Now, this is how an amazing singer, dancer, rapper, fashion designer, actor, and multilingual artist produce a masterpiece. Indeed, a SHINee product! You are really born to shine, our almighty Key. HANDS DOWN.

My love you did so well, truly beyond amazing, you deserves this sm and its only getting better from here! <3 i love you so much Sana CONGRATS <3

young k's solo song made us feel safe, that someone's always going to be there for us, even til the world ends. dowoon's solo song made us feel comforted, that we don't need to have regrets from the past and we don't need to rush things - that just living life is already amazing

Jaebeom and the girl has amazing chemistry, I love it 🥺

Nicest man in politics! Amazing ! – at Brighton Centre

Omg! The trailer was so good😭❤️ My sana baby looks so stylish and her acting is so good. Diljit and Sonam look amazing too. Can't wait for the movie to release.

Dowoon + Heejin aka the duo we never knew we needed 😭❤ their voices' harmony here is just amazing

Congratulations Key for your 1st mini album release 🎉 The concept you’ve been thinking for 14 years has come to life now & it is indeed amazing. Thank you for working really hard for this album. We are so proud of you💗

HonslaRakh will be super hit blockbuster ❤🔥 Honsla Rakh is a laughter ride...❤😂 Everyone should watch this amazing movie...❤ Can't wait for movie...❤

So this is either amazing or creepy. My Sharpie bot just spelt out "live" 😅😅

Finally the most awaited movie trailer is out.Outstanding trailer..Loved each n every scene..It's going to be a blockbuster..My baby is looking amazing.... Princess u r ready to rule.

"both of them have fcking good physical so the two-shot is gonna be amazing congrats to them" "their physical is amazing and their faces are like a prince and princess...fcking pretty" "god(phy)sical" "ha.. (their) visuals are godly perfect really"

Thank you Thank you Thank you You all are amazing ❣️ YOU DID WELL STRAY KIDS

isnt it amazing you made the perfect move admin for waking us all up PoyrazÖzgür HaziranSedefli

Happy birthday to our President an amazing antiracist fighter

Amazing Naaz looking Effortlessly Gorgeous I'm Super duper excited for Honsla Rakh Movie

Awesome Loved it It's a Amazing Trailer Nd It's going to be A blockbuster Movie Love you Cutie Pie Nd proud of you