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Jessica William

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Crazy:B order Rinne : don't contact ur brother Niki : don't eat food based on flour HiMERU : don't wear make up Kohaku : don't kill anyone THE KOHAKU ORDER 🤣

Bavette Steak: with lyonnaise potatoes, creamed leeks and chimichurri.

THE MOON IS IN TAURUS. Happy indulgence - I got these vegan donuts 😌💖

"Food has been my happiness for 15 years" We follow India on her weight loss and mental health journey

Wasting 1 hour in traffic just to go to office where you sit in your cubicle or room & stare at your PC until it’s lunch where you go for some greasy food then return to screen until it’s 5 and spend another hour going home, too tired to do much but sleep. Yeah, that makes sense.

caption: food that make Mix's eyes twinkle meanwhile earth: *target locked* 🌝🌚

Part of The Great Reset is to make beef a luxury food rather than a common commodity

Changmin when he has foods between his lips •3•

i hope he find his Gongjin, his Gamri, and the whole Gongjin people. i hope people keep on knocking his door, to talk to him, bring him food, ask for help. keeping him alive. till one day he's finally back on his feet. and i hope us too, find our Gongjin.

thanks for eating your meals today, I am so proud of you, and if you haven't had your meal yet, I am rooting for you bub, food is not a reward <3 you deserve to eat,take care buttons

Is this the best moment in Kingmaker? Right after the Marcoses were kicked out, some people who rioted in Malacañang raided the Marcoses' refrigerator and said of the food there, "This has been stolen from the Filipino people!"

The madness of?? life is tired, this one cannot sleep with her unless she goes to the water in the morning. Good food is considered to be hi ؟؟M44?? ??فوغا كلوسيت?? !!M44!! Love you too me…

[Trans] Who is he? Join the fun guessing the presenter with Hercules. Who will be active with you and the dogs? Hint: Actor from the famous agency in Asoke. Guess the fun and win prizes. Canned Hercules Dog Food, 9 recipes, 1 can each. Join at Herculesdogfood FB

I Dey want come shoot Prrr on leg campus today.. Who go host me? I will buy you food😂😂😂😂😂

"If Ohm was a cat, then Fluke would food...". No need to be so bold, Fluke!

Inaugurating four food trucks for these cities in Islamabad here, he directed provision of quality food at all costs. Now the food will be distributed through 16 mobile trucks in various cities across Pakistan.

Kenkey 2gh the leaves be 1.50p and the food itself be 50p. Err Ghana

Fasting once a week has tremendous health benefits. By fasting, the body gets rid of many diseases. Along with this, fasting is also very important for your spiritual progress. Stay on lukewarm water for 24 hours and then open a fast with light food.

jimin's fav foods

Food distribution to the needy people in Atmakur, Kurnool Dt Team ❤️

: children are Starving for Peace, Stability, Food, Healthcare and Education

Finally!!! Asian foods!!! 🤩