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mingyu's first time to meet amazing saturday's cast and he already:

came across little k-tigers' (리틀아우라B) cover of hello future and its absolutely the cutest 😍😍😍 it's amazing to see how they seamlessly weaved taekwondo moves into the original choreo of hello future 💚💯 watch the full vid here!

6.1m views and 2.1m likes with amazing praises. 'S vocals say it all. No autotune. No bgm. Just his voice.

OMG he looks so amazing just walking by 😍😍😍😍 God Xiao Zhan! I I just love the white suit on him too ❤❤

"We didn’t realize we're becoming famous until was invited to KCON in 2014/2015. Thousands of fans were calling our name almost everyone memorized the Korean lyrics which was amazing & overwhelming." Namjoon 💜 TIME 2017

i was telling jeongin how amazing his voice was and how i hope to hear him on an ost someday! i think he said if he ever gets the chance he would?

The impact of SWF 🤯 golden voice of Korea SNSD Taeyeon dances to Hey Mama Taeyeon, SHINEE Key & Seventeen Seungkwan team up during an impromptu dance battle on Amazing Saturday

Yesterday (still) WooJuHo 우주호 is viral With this funny 🍪clip They received Compliments for their amazing chemistry n team works, have siblings like chemistry Having the most outstanding chemistry in MC history

Happy birthday em! Hope you have an amazing birthday!!!

Musical Actor Park Chanyeol and his Amazing/Beautiful voice, y'all 🖤

[2017] Q: Is there an artist you want to collaborate with or an artist you admire? Jin: I really like . They are so amazing people, it's not even a collaboration, but I'm always cheering for them from afar. 2021: CM said that Jin suggested the idea for collab. 🥺❤️

It's still amazing to me how Monolith Soft is the only game studio to have the honor of directing a Smash trailer of their own characters using Ultimate itself. And all because Sakurai loves their cutscene direction so much. It's amazing how many people downplay it.

how plds wanted to push this cool handsome image on mingyu for years but he just let it all go on amazing saturday lmao and i personally think it's one of his best variety shows yet😭🤍

Soo excited to seee this amazing MV

Im speechless i had to watch it three times cause of how amazing the cinematography was 😭😭 directornet’s done it again 😭😭🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

I’m here to put y’all on to something cause THIS one is amazing

This photo from is pretty amazing. Love the Vols or hate them, but college football is a better world when Neyland Stadium is rocking.

Leviathan commission from It turned out absolutely amazing thank you so much ❤️

A Song of Meissa composer praised Michael Lee and Chanyeol. He went to the musical last night “What an amazing trip to have the amazing @.michaelkleeofficial and @.real__pcy”