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Jessica William

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Stories like this clarify how outrageous it is that we mass criminalize crimes of poverty—not being to afford public transport, sleeping where you aren’t supposed to, stealing food to survive, driving on license suspended by inability to pay fees, substance use.


Got some good food!

would walk 10 miles over broken glass barefoot to have a 25% chance of taking the actress who plays ruby from sex education out for food

you’re reading this because one day I’m going to pay your RENT, BILLS, FOOD for a month and give you $1000 to put in your account.

atinys booked and busy 😌🔥 - mwave & whosafn voting till 9am kst - after head over to youtube and spotify, we gotta continue streaming!! - take a small break and treat yourself with you fav food you've worked hard <3

More character and environment studies! The blue girl is named Yōltsi, the grey dude’s name is still in the works, I can’t make my mind up on it. These are also for OTĪX/ADIP. I imagine that they’re on their way to get some good food or something to cheer him up

Church Thanksgiving today. We package food for all events. Delicious as always 😋

"why yes, I do make all my health choices based in which food ants like the most"

pretty foods in small portions; a short thread

This all vehicles are conveyed food for tigray region not for affar or amara but instil now they don't backwards so the security of this vehicles area under question

Imran Khan’s government has ignored Pakistan’s poor for too long. Now the consequences are piling up The macroeconomic developments being tom-tommed by the government matter little to those who struggle to put food on the table and pay their bills. By October 2018, real wage .”

the many faces of colt 1.Please 2. Can I 3. Have your food?

one of my favorite places with comfort foods

How to download and save Instagram videos. Instagram is famously the place to go to look at photos, get distracted by reels, and watch videos. If you want to see videos about food, travel, manifestation, or anything in between, Instagram is quickl

They have these robots that roam around the university campus delivering food everywhere. Until I was like 10, the only heating we had in my home was a coal furnace. Some days I feel very much like a time traveler who has gotten himself stuck in the future...

The doctor of the future will prescribe heavy lifting, whole foods, high protein, a gallon of water and 7000 steps a day.

Today I spent the whole day in the Holy Presence of the Lord with these children and I shared with them the words of the Word of the Lord telling them how the Son of God died for us and then with the street children I The food they eat is also distributed among them.

Drik Day Exhibition: Scorched Lives at Hashem Foods

Rosa Rugosa in WW 11 children collected rose hips for 3d a pound for ministry of food ,the hedgerow harvest