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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Gabby Petito's father gives heartbreaking eulogy at daughter's memorial: 'Gabby is the most amazing person I've ever met

DJ LeMahieu (hip/groin) is amazing at baseball. (via )

Summarily firing your employee over an extra-professional dispute and then IMMEDIATELY offering to somehow help resolve (?) the dispute between two people who now both don’t work for you is an amazing example of Silicon Valley founder arrogance. “What this situation needs is me.”

yes amazing be jealous now 💅✨

Taking advantage of this amazing fall evening, need to get away from the insanity that is this world. Drop a line, sit back and take in the beauty☺️💜

Thank you for working hard to make this amazing performance! This stage become the brightest moment because you guys always do your best to perform for GEM. Hope you guys are resting well.❤

Yes, I (along with many of my other buddies) appeared on 's "The Journey To The Purple Planet" special. And I gotta say, this was an amazing thing to be apart of. LIKE EVERYTHING THAT HE HAS PUT OVER THE 9 MONTHS WORKING ON THIS IS JUST FULL ON AMAZING!😲👏

Loving the vibe of the acoustic version 💜💜💜 All versions are amazing. And it gives of kinds of different vibes... 💜💜💜


Taehyungs soulful deep voice and his verse in every version especially the acoustic, it’s so addictive! A voice that will give you a warm hug and like a cup of hot chocolate that will calm you. A voice that give comfort. He’s an amazing singer indeed.

I could take you to the parents,then to Paris

congratulations for 1,5M on ig and 600k on tt. i hope you keep growing more and more, and that many people love you just as mixyors already love. you are amazing and deserve all the love in the world!!! <3

Two of WWE’s best tag teams, The Street Profits and Usos just had an amazing bout. They fucking killed it.

Peter Rosenberg was talking on the pre-show about how amazing it would be for Jeff Hardy to win another title "at his age," and, uh...

Dinner was amazing.

I hope tom hiddleston knows how amazing he did and how proud everyone is of him <3

development in the was amazing. We’re so hyped to see what Andy has prepared for ⚡️

HELL YEAH, Kristen Bell’s doing the singing for Marge, and it’s amazing

I could spend hours talking about how much I enjoy listening to louis tomlinson singing his amazing song "fearless", look how cute this video is

"I'm used to it. He's gotta get used to it." ~ Carter Verhaeghe, (to new linemate Sam Reinhart) on the amazing plays made by Sasha Barkov.