Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

& : girls wanna play with boys

Mạnh bạo với em quá là em chảy nước đó 😭

My girl admitted she’s a cougar today.❤️ Happy 23rd birthday baby❤️🎊

When he follows girls that don’t follow him back🤢🤢lame-o..

tell me that you are a 4th gen it girl without telling me that you are a 4th gen it girl

[FINAL/Preview] ‘The Dreamed Debut’ The Debut Group of 9 Girls will be Created! l This Friday Final at 8 PM (KST) Whose dream will you be the guardian of? 10.22 (Fri) Final at 8 PM (KST)

receiving handwritten letters from our lovely girls is so heartwarming, thank you 😞💗

“And the day is saved thanks to...The Powerpuff Girls.” 💫

the prettiest girl i’ve ever seen

These girls never failed to amaze to me, I will be a once until end. I LOVE YOU

People loving Jeongyeon's girl crush and princess image iktr! 🤗

no other gg unless you’re snsd can make a one man like heechul kneel on his knees while sweating as the girls stared him down the power they have to make anyone feel intimidated

i miss my girls being loud and chaotic on variety shows😭

Thank you for these girls who work hard on inkigayo

Highest Charting debut albums by kpop girl groups on billboard 200: #20. , Savage (NEW) #40. BLACKPINK, Square Up

Me talking to girls.


the actual main glee girls ❤️

hyunseul my favourite beret girls

hmm more tea ah , here's a piping hot one , i was pregnant and he fucked and talked to other girls :) THEN WANT ME PAKAI TUDUNG ALL INSECURE LAK...