Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Look at them dancing to Rough 🥰

We saw all those tweets at us. 😏Looks like the powers that be heard ya!

WEEKLY SCHEDULE! The time has arrived! Critical Role Campaign 3 premieres THIS THURSDAY, Oct. 21st at 7pm Pacific on both Twitch and YouTube. Stay tuned tomorrow for our Behind the Set video for the first look at the magic to come...

This clip looks dramatic for some reason

It really looks like there’ll be a lot of parallels with Battle Royale; OP mentions all the students in the movie have special assigned numbers (like TBZ), as well as unique special weapons. TBZ are also shown wearing similar chokers and school uniforms as the characters…

wonwoo’s shiny eyes really look like this 🥺 emoji i’m so sad


Minhyuk got a haircut too! He looks so cute! Ahhhh.

looks at them respectfully?😋

Look, you know who is the owner of the shop.

First look at the 1-of-1 Air Jordan 1 Low “Baltimore Crab” created for to honor his upbringing and career accomplishments 🦀

the top 5 traits I look for in a woman are: smart, female, good sense of humor, strong, female, funny, great smile, cool, smart, no insect jokes, not an insect, pretty, funny, tends to her hatchlings, beautiful beak, not afraid to make me laugh, lives in a tree, funny

Did I mention how SPECTACULAR the Beacons of Magic are in EPCOT? They’re genuinely mesmerizing. Here’s a little footage of how it looks underneath Spaceship Earth.

Look at how much Miffy has developed over the years! Which illustration is your favourite?

20s- Look at my empty liquor bottles 30s- Look at my full liquor bottles 40s- Look at my expensive liquor bottles 50+ Hide my good shit before they come over.

attacca mingyu serving looks i feel like fainting