Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Police are appealing for information after a teenage girl was sexually assaulted at an outdoor event in Belfast.

1-year-old girl walks her dog best friend all by herself ❤️

Extreme rules is upon us and my girl trending . YES.

[email protected] be real. Miss Eleanor girl-

of course i love girl in red

they don't know the best WTC milf is that one girl Ryukishi drew for the i-mode phone ports of higurashi

Action: Reaction: The buzz of our girl 🔥

iranian traditional dress girl

After this compliment said this was the best thing he ever heard in his entire life. He love so much ❤️ and finally he is going to meet his idol in 5 days. I'll get emotional seeing them together on same stage. SHER PRATIK IN BB15

Girl the way I fucking thought I was being haunted.

"be my boy/girl friend": - gendered - lame - overused "be my cum rag" - gender neutral - cool - exciting - underused - cum

Unnecessary hate and rumors against Pratik. Just coz he can defeat ur fav. and he is getting real love and support. It all just shows ur insecurities. But he will shine even more.. SHER PRATIK IN BB15

Princess of BBNaija????????????

School's always been so Boooring... at least until the new Girl came into our class~ (sorry for the bad quality)

remember when these girls did not acknowledge Jo's presence and then Hero says "Did Jo sign them?" 😭

Congratulations to Bella Spinazze, TRAC champion at 2nd singles!!

holding hands :)