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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

You can barely see the weapon, but Yang with a rapier! (it's actually a sword now tho) Starting with my dragon girl this time~

The most beautiful girl I've ever known ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

Archangels it’s now or never, plz let us use these medium to push our girl plz 🙏🙏🙏 vote Angel

super excited for you guys to see what i’ve been working on for halloween with bunny & fish girl :) this is probably the most detailed build ive done for royale and i’m so proud of it so far 🎃🕯✨

Clyde Walkway incident: Police release CCTV images of man following assault of 15-year-old girl in Glasgow

Girl's coat, 1885–90. The MET.

A sculpture of a ‘drowning girl’ caused quite a stir in Bilbao, Spain, after it suddenly appeared from the surface of the River Nervion last week.

Poor girl still cant find a dress that works... Much love to for taking on my commission.

That’s my girl she won “Best Actress of Year Award”✨ 🥇🤩😍❤️

Goodnight everyone 🥺 What a good day for everyone , I hope you all enjoy this beautiful day with the GA and the show Keep using the tag for our girl ROSÉ AT SAINTLAURENT PFW

goth is when girl have dark hair and boob /c -⚰️

daily reminder sunny best girl

What if? Sydney Sweeney Power Girl

A deltarune Chapter 2 character dump. Was drawing along to stream, and here's what I got. 1. A Nerd Bird 2. The Little BIG man 3. An ICE Deer

I’m with Wendy this season every comeback 🔥, the shade caught on the spot, somebody finally getting on the Gizelle and Her puppet Robyn and I’m here for it …..Lol and let’s not forget about Mrs. Karen trying to hold her laugh in ha😭girl we see you !

posting cute girls that are sometimes cyborgs/robots

WHO Ebola staff abused scores of women and girls, inquiry finds

girls just wanna have fun 🥰

the moon's in cancer.