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Jessica William

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When asked what message he really wanted to deliver, Hoshi said "That Seventeen really love Carats. I hope people pay attention to the message that we all deserve to be loved by someone." 🔗:

god love quinn is so unhinged i love it

i could fix her

i love this dynamic so much already

“As the name of the song states, “” is about getting carried away by a sexy girl to spend a good time together. The last part of the upbeat track, sung by , gives it a sweet ending since she wants to fall in love instead of just spending one night together.”- GenuisKR


D’ Ernest Johnson on 1 tonight!! Love to see it!

hes so dramatic 😭😭 i love him

I told you this summer… I love red herrings. 😉💙

.'s Won-woo said the album "talks about various stories of love," adding that he wants music listeners to feel emotions like love and friendship as "something or precious."

we love the reminders but you KNOW we'd never forget her

DK says we can remember 2021 as a very memorable and valuable year. They were very thankful to be able to be together and work hard. They were able to impart a sound influence and positive impact. Hoshi adds that it was a year of love for CARAT.

what i love from Gucci the most is they're there with him throughout the difficult time. remember this look? this is KING.🥺❤️thank you Gucci for the unconditional support! from 2019 Milan until today🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

things just never change i love them sm ♡ ATTACCA GLOBAL CONFERENCE                

Link to Love😳💚❤️หวานนนน

he's looking at you walking down the aisle with ur dad while i can't help falling in love playing in the background

wtt lft twice ph hi my sister bought this tol pob set as a gift sana to her friend but apparently her friend has these photocards na so im trading it nalang to other versions >< have: fallen ver taste of love pob set want: taste / inlove ver taste of love pob set

laaaaa he loves me he give me all his money…….

takeaways on global conference ❤️‍🔥 "RWY is about being able to do anything with the people you love” “This EP is about passionate love” "active, eager love" “fully moving forward with love

Chungi to the horse : Thank you for your hard work. I'm sorry. She loves animals so much and so soft for them.