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Jessica William

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Jaehyun said he likes watching the night scenery from the bridge. They happened to be filming there and Jaehyun thinks that the shots look more profound 🌉

TY: *being suspicious* JH: 👀 TY: jaehyun what kind of look is that?? JH: that you're the mafia

Jungwoo : (got Jaehyun's photocard) (holy) Oh Hyung, you look great! Jaehyun : Thank you Jungwoo : Like a nobleman ㄱㅣ여우ㅓ.... ㅠ♡

My past works have been improved in high quality. It does not look like high quality but look at it. Please give me rt&like😎

forever the proudest. look at them GO

lee know pushed i.n a little and LOOK AT THEIR FACES IM UWUING

taehyung about to steal every leaders husband or wife with just one look 😭

YT: oh!! I look good here TI: you’re cool~ M: taeil hyung has a cool vibe here! TI: I’m cool~

Ribbon gal My traditional art is better than digital btw. Since i dont look at my pen, some of the stuff i do doesnt apply digitally

sobs @ jaewoo nation, i can't do this anymore look at their smiles 😭


Look at my keyboard~~~~~

they look so handsome

BEFORE 👉 AFTER 🎺 which means some of our experts have to look back into their 🔮 again! Drop your WILDEST predictions for the second half below! | Today, 6 PM | Star Sports & Disney+Hotstar


title and first look on September 22nd at 3:10 PM. Stay Tuned.

they look so fine !! i'm so proud of you 💜

I find this so beautiful that the name SamYU fits so perfect with eachother. Like Sam and YU, no but look SAMYU. Its meant to be.

The moon is so beautiful tonight😃Look up💛 Let's all be happy🥰

they all look so fine gosh