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[VIDEO] 211026 - [Girls Planet 999] TOP9 Debut Group "Kep1er" 📎

Download complete! How come its full of pictures of rubbery girls? 🤔👀

Any girls down to get squished??

معلومة - 211026 مخطط فلو 10 دقائق الساعة 9 صباحًا بتوقيت كوريا : #2 أغنية Lovesick Girls #3 أغنية ليسا التعاونية SG #7 أغنية ليسا MONEY #14 أغنية How You Like That -G

Happy girls are the prettiest _ ♕•ﻜٕوِدٓ•♕ $ﺧٕٓصٍٓم نؤن CC5 CC5

Now fuck yall who cursed Kim Seonho to death!! Man is the real victim of a manipulative woman. This is too much for him. He did nothing but love the girl. He deserve a long ass apology!


the girl from the ps2 commercial

Two sexy girls offer you slightly used facemasks~ 💕💦 Interesting dress code these stores have 😉

xiaoting is already getting hate for standing out too much like she’s really the next it girl i’m crying

girl of my dreams. she's a bad mama jama! i love you❤️

. joins Girls' Generation as the only female acts to hold the Top 2 spots on MelOn Weekly Album Chart simultaneously in history.

An OP said she met Xiaoting before! “When I looked back at my album, I realised that I met Xiaoting before on Shanghai! That time I told my sis that there was a pretty girl, she was very tall, slim and charismatic, The kind of people that can be seen in the crowd at a glance.”

🐱: i'm so busy girl 🐱: i'm at salon 🐱: viviz so busy

the kep1er girls saying bye to everyone and then filming that introduction video:

1. girl raped by skirt-wearing male 2. dad of victim arrested, banned from school board meetings while SB passes transgender bathroom policy 3. Media ignores bc some details 'unsubstantiated' 4. Obama calls it 'phony' 5. 24 hours later, all details substantiated in court 6. wapo:

JUST IN: Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill that bans transgender girls from participating in female sports events

girls if you aren't dating a man like this, please know that you deserve better 💚

"what made you stan aespa?" bestie i literally stan snsd, f(x), and red velvet and i thought it's actually automatic to stan aespa once you stanned the senior sm girl groups 😭

kep1er members on their dreams for debut. please remember to support and love all of the girls as they are so excited to be supported by us. they deserve only kindness💜

doesn’t sit right w me when yall say “should’be voted harder if u wanted xiaoting center” as if she didn’t go from 14th to 5TH on intl voting… it was KR votes holding her back bc they were all mass voting for K girls.. you know damn well they had a problem w her nationality

(NOTE: The Caramella Girls mobile game is lost media, so this quest can no longer be completed.)