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Jessica William

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Mina and Jihyo giving the staffs the food they made 😌

last ep jihyo said she is upset because Boo only comes to her for food, but now Boo came over while jihyo is sleeping bcs she is alone😭 im soft

op: seo changbin if you don't reply you're a food jeongin: it's right that he's a fool

Jihyo said boo only come to her for food but look at him now😭

How US fast food chains can raise wages without raising prices

MiHyo offering the staff members food is so wholesome 🥺🥺

To the Stays that baked delicious foods, drew the members, or tried to show anything creative, thank you for your hard work! They're beautiful! Don't let anyone bring you down~ Let's appreciate everyone's hard work and remember words hurt. Please be kind❤️

It’s Friday, food is ready at 10:30 and deliveries start shortly after. Please call 0552537464 to place orders or click the link in our bio to order via WhatsApp.

Stop rewarding yourself with food. You're not a dog

Thank God Mrs. Appiah is not a French teacher like she make the whole class conjugate etre before them touch the food.

Friend: tara drive?!! Me: cant, i have work. Not feeling well Friend: libre kita foods. Me:

After all the food & goodies today, I bet these kids need some deworming. Origin Chemist will provide free anthelmintics (dewormers) for all classmates. Let’s remain healthy for the next Our Day.Kindly send the mum’s number to our DM🙏🏾 “Here for Good Health” …

People donated food supplies to nearly 1,000 households which locked down due to Covid disease in Myawaddy Township, Kayin State.

Great fellow delegates outside of the gate at McCain Foods in Tasmania today after our lock out last night. Standing strong as a team ✊

The act of angels, giving foods for hardworking staffs. Proof that TWICE are indeed angels😭❤

I had a lot of lovers but it didn't last I like hot food. Poo785nn But I have to exercise 📌📌 کْوٌدٍ خِصٕمَ اّوَنُاّسُ : MZ81

3 sperm-killing foods men should avoid

And now withdrawal of tax even on food items is a big step it will bring down the prices of foods bring relief to the people good strategies

What’s the most craziest food combo you’ve ever eaten ?

Ingredients Used:--step-1 clensing remove naipaint in a bucket add warm water+1/2 lemon+2 tbsp baking soda+2 tbsp salt+3tbsp any shampoo. stap -2 Food scrub ( optional) Stap-3 apply any thick cream soak in water then remove dead skin Stap-4 apply curd /yogurt let it stay 15 mi

Talking about the recent content/video 🐶: minuk and I just bought croquette. First, we ate delicious foods and yoojun and youngseo, thought a lot abt what dohyon can eat, and they bought. First, we thought a lot what to eat so we ate….