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Jessica William

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"let's get food" is literally my love language

Good food deserves to look good 👍🏾

Fui fazer coxinha, deu tudo errado. Me seguem para mais receitas. :)

"When we saw each other with food in our mouths, we burst into laughter"

Studio Ghibli always makes food look delicious

We saw each other's mouth full of food. We burst into laughter I was scared but gratefulto you for accepting me.

211020 🐧💭 I ate outside~ I don't have much time to cook my foods these days ㅎㅎ

[🐧💬] 211020 (trans) I ate outside~ These days theres not really much time to cook some food hehe..

Korang tahu tak ada brands out there yang jual your fav fast foods with exactly/almost similar taste? 😋 So boleh buat kat rumah! Can get from if they are deliverable to your place! 😉 A thread! 1. Mcd Twister Fries - McCain Spiral Fries Link:

My amma's losing motivation in her food business, order a lil something and I promise you won't regret! Rt and spread the word. 🥺♥️

not momo sneakily eating food in her costume 😭

"You enjoyed the food I prepared poorly without saying a word. I also ate without saying anything"

I've just been informed that some people posing as volunteers in black are out with poisoned food. You eat and on your way home you fall down and that's it. 😭😭 PLEASE DON'T TAKE FOOD FROM ANYONE.!!!

Japan has some of the best food in the world, but it also has shit like this.

hayoung promotes namjoo’s youtube 🍞: among our members, namjoo unnie does mukbang channel on youtube called <namjoosekki> she is really good at expressing the taste (of the foods she eats)

Just leaving Walmart. Went after cat food. Someone just honked at me for not getting out of my parking space quicker. Now I have to sit here until we’re both dead.

You looked down at the table after contemplating for a while. "What's this food?" You asked. "You can't cook.""Sadly, you knew me a lot.

A Boycott has been called AGAINST CANNIBAL FOODS... How many of you have been "enjoying the flavors"? HEK923- synthetic drug made with Human Embryo Kidneys

You don't have to say anything about the food that I have prepared. I enjoyed the meal. I also ate without saying anything.

37. "Without words, you ate the dishes that I prepared clumsily. I also ate, without words." 38. "With mouth full of food, the moment we look at each other, and we laugh out loud." 39. "You who accept me like it's no big deal, made me scared but also thankful."

chanwoo’s food truck details 💕💕 this is soooooo beautiful!!!!!

UPDATE: So they went down the route of “Racial Sensitivity” and how that comment could offend others *🙄* but the BM basically said (paraphrasing abit btw) “you shoulda sat there & ate ya food bc in the spirit of BHM, THIS is OUR truth. Hard to hear, but harder to experience” 💀