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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

6.1m views and 2.1m likes with amazing praises. 'S vocals say it all. No autotune. No bgm. Just his voice.

mingyu's first time to meet amazing saturday's cast and he already:

"We didn’t realize we're becoming famous until was invited to KCON in 2014/2015. Thousands of fans were calling our name almost everyone memorized the Korean lyrics which was amazing & overwhelming." Namjoon 💜 TIME 2017

It’s just amazing MLB refuses to do anything meaningful to shorten the length of games. Both Red Sox-Astros games were over 4 hours. This is killing interest in the game. Nobody has four hours each day to spend on baseball.

how plds wanted to push this cool handsome image on mingyu for years but he just let it all go on amazing saturday lmao and i personally think it's one of his best variety shows yet😭🤍

Batman fans got that amazing panel and flash fans got boots and THIS 💀

This photo from is pretty amazing. Love the Vols or hate them, but college football is a better world when Neyland Stadium is rocking.

U r doing amazing More power to u Umar Riaz Ruling Hearts

SHEN XIAOTING: • PRETTY & TALL approved by kr beauty standards • 99l • CAN SING RAP DANCE proven by her gold medal in dance cmpttion • Has amazing leadership skills proven when became a leader & always helps her team when there's a problem • Good personality • Clean past

The legend of Zeb Noland ❗️❗️❗️ Noland enters the game for the final drive and throws the game-winner for . Amazing 👏👏

another fun sunday with these amazing pipol DARREN AS THE KING OF POP

It's amazing what contouring can do!

It's amazing how you'll be randomly searching for something and find a incredible piece of Shinkiro art you've never seen before:

The Harmonies 4th Impact Amazing! ForteCon 1stShow

Leviathan commission from It turned out absolutely amazing thank you so much ❤️

Alright so finally home and can excitedly show off this commission that was completed by the amazing and talented ! This little scenario is where my sona kinda went shark hunting for Spooky’s shark version of Peter lmao

Amazing human, beautyful heart, talented. We love you and the world needs to know you.

What an amazing conclusion bro

ARTIST APPRECIATION: Such an amazing artist with awesome and vibrant artwork!

Early in the pandemic, when it seemed like the patients would never stop streaming in, I’d walk home from the ER and dream about what I’d do when it was safe. This was top on my list. And tonight I joined a lot of masked + vaccinated strangers for an amazing show ❤️