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Jessica William

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Hoping that things will just, sort of, work out if you leave them alone - that we can just take a deadly pandemic on the chin, that food will find their way to shelves and homes somehow, that fuel supplies will sort themselves out - isn’t really what you could call “government”.

Carbon dioxide is used at all stages of food production - from growing to packing and distribution

Unique blend of organic foods – at Asanko Gold Mine

Food support from Gulf’s inter fans - Thank you very much for choosing Dektim again! Hope you guys love our ice cream 🍨💖

🐰: I only use the term "mamma" (how people say "food" to babies) with my cats.

he's been donating his hard earned money, used to volunteer to read books for the visually impaired, supported the student food program at his uni... he's one of the selfless & dedicated person that i know. if there's something he deserves, it's spending his money for himself.

Think I might stay out here & pretend to be French. Quite important to live somewhere where you can get luxuries like ... y’know ... food & petrol.

fation, penshoppe, nuguna banhandak, konvy, nu:trip max, oneill korea, samhwa foods, now we are soju, burberry, dashu and now, chaumet. YEP, ALL THAT SO FAR JUST FOR THIS YEAR AND THAT'S ON THE UNBOTHERED CF KING, KOREA'S IT BOY, CHA EUNWOO ✨

The UK is like that Seasteading venture Peter Thiel funded. The dream of splendid isolation fell apart when they realised, late in the day, that cutting themselves off from the world meant there would be no one to deliver their food or wipe their arses.

EU citizens have never been a ‘burden’. They’re our friends, family, neighbours, and our country relies on them. We should be open and welcoming — not opening our doors only when we’re desperate, only to slam them quickly later.

The cause of our food and petrol shortages is Brexit – yet no one dares name it | Jonathan Freedland

In my country you don’t need to join a queue if u have a car ? Especially a food queue 😂 Wat about urs ??

Munching that good food

✅ Order accepted I I ✅Food ready I I ✅ Your order is on the move! I I ✅Food is arriving. Time to eat!

They offer tribal substitutes in hospital foods... Salmon.

Life is a journey of change - much caused by power sucking value like food, information & people on this type of journey 👇🏽

now phi phi nescafe team will understand why there is so many food 🤣 they need all that food to recharge after receiving the gift 🤣🤣 indeed the biggest event of the year for nescafe 🤣

Next time I take a lady out I'm inviting her ex.... I need to hear both sides of the story, you ladies lie too much when you see food.

This is strange. I thought the food and fuel shortages had ‘absolutely nothing to do with B*****’?

I deliver food parcels for Trussell Trust. This morning there are too few volunteers. I guess it’s because of the petrol shortage. Children won’t eat today. I don’t think Brits realise how many kids in Britain go HUNGRY, even with working parents. CHILDREN.

Food poll for edtwt: RICH edition ❤'s and rt appreciated For reach: ed edtwt ana proana ricecaketwt