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Jessica William

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this part when kim taehyung got emotional after performing “blue & grey” 😭 you did amazing tae, we love you sm. KING V ON STAGE

Thank you BTS, it was an amazing show 💜

An amazing moment as is surprised with the 2021 Ambassador of the Year award. Thank you for everything you do, Rich.

The End Concert Thank you so much Bts for giving us amazing Concert

🙌🏼 Respect ☺️ Congratulations, ! 👏🏼🏆 It’s been an amazing season and we are glad that we were able to bring on the fight to you! We will try again next year 😏👊🏼 |

you did amazing jin 💜

bang chan played adele's "easy on me" and said that he listens to this song a lot! he said adele's amazing singing abilities and the mood of the song are super good

vernon was in the A group during their trainee days. i smiled so hard vernon u’re really amazing

When the time comes, I'll be the one who has one of these beautiful . Just look how adorable are these. Absolutely amazing! 👀 (can't get cuz pockets r empty rn)🤪

Emmanuel Lewis was amazing to work with. I'll love that guy to the end of time.M88 BB ♕•ﻜٕوِدٓ•♕ $ﺧٕٓصٍٓم$ سِـيِّفُـيِّ WOW37

❤️Our cutie puppy❤️lovely kid❤️❤️Congratulations on amazing Yujinie’s comeback❤️ Our baby angel king god general amazing girl etcetc

MC Minju made every Saturdays a wonderful beautiful journey. Each episode is like a dream. By the end of it only peace and happiness remains. Happy 500th day amazing ANGEL!!

You all were looking sooo handsome Thank you sooo much for this amazing concert We love you sooo much

no taehyung, you did great. you were amazing baby

[10/25] Happy Day! STAY wish our amazing and talented dancing gem a beautiful birthday 💛 We’re so happy to be able to enjoy another year by his side. Have loads of fun! PRO IDOL LEE KNOW DAY

I LOVE YOU my forever seven💜 thank you for another amazing fun day:)👐🥺💜 BTS is 7 BORAHAE💜 🎉

the energy and dedication of carats are beyond amazing!! lets keep this hype until the next comebacks 🤘🏻