Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Mad Rohas keep it up! Look at the g4p! 🤍

LOOK AT THE ROYAL FAMILY. 🎨 @/bxromance on ig

w/ or w/o make up bebi you're soooo gorgeous!!! LOOK AT HERRR !!! THEEEE DETAILSSSS !!! SEEEESHHHHH I'M LIVINGG !!

the two variations of kakuCHOW with a little bit of rusteez and an insane amount of luck you too can look like me kakuCHOW

still not over this yoona dancing to rdr !! dancer yoong holds a special place in my heart LOOK AT HER she ain’t the nation’s center and visual for nothing 😭

Look what jumped into my shopping basket 😜

Nine look so good and look so sweet especially wearing the glasses by Gentle Monster Kornchid in GMHausSH

Enjoy your Now. Listen to 432Hz music, be kind to a stranger. Read, eat something full of good memories, drink pure water. Find a secluded place and bask in the glory of Nature. Meditate. Look inside your Self and find the True You, the One. Remember why You are here. Shine.

OP asked if she's going to Paris and look at her face... one thing that she's so bad at and it's lying 😭😆

Just gonna say this quickly as I've said it a gazillion times. Please don't clear searches by making a tweet like the made up ss. It doesn't help. Instead, look for positive words in the search bar, click good posts, reply to & retweet those. Make normal nice posts about...Paul.

a quick sketch for this look bc she’s so pretty with this fit 210925 ROSÉ at the airport 🤍

“here’s my essay from the latest episode of “back on the record,” a look at guys who just can’t keep their dumb to themselves.”

There's a long ass thread about this bitch on a report page 🥴🥴Look who is talking

[SWF] ✨ YGX with WANT ✨ WANT Chaeyeon showing mn3t makes the drama 😅 kidding but look at her cute emojis 💗

Taeyong really look so sexy in his oufit But his face is so cuteeeee🤭💕 ~ the duality of this man👌☺️

he’s starting to look like cmn jaebeom more and more each day and i fear i might not be able to handle it

kim stans how are we feeling? look at those peace signs 🥺❤️ we got kim yoshi, kim junkyu and kim doyoung selcas all in one day 😭❤️

i call this the Erika look 🤍

Wait til we get a look at the routers and splunk logs. More incoming…

in total D&G look! Smoking hot!