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Jessica William

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Thank you to all , and for all tasty support today! and the team enjoying the food and dessert very much. Thank you for always supporting and 💖

Dear Delhi, Sorry for the inconvenience. The nation is under maintenance today, please support us for a better tomorrow. Indian Farmer And rest of the Indians who won't be able to afford inflated prices on food 🙏

Yuji: I discussed about playing in Italy with Yuki-san for quite a while. He told me about many things, not only about volley, but also foods and everyday life, so I could somehow imagine it

the foods that i eat are colorful, how come my life aint colorful jk

Hamare addda Raipur Go and eat tasty foods And give the feedback please.....

Today is thai food day for me 😋 It's cloudy and raining sky today 🌫🌧 but I hope Sukai is having good food too so he can gain more energy 💕

On top of the extortionate price of your food, you decide to charge a 15% service charge...Nooo your food ain’t that appealing...

Follow this recipe for a good time: Food first. Flying Fish Foreva.

Atleast get $15 , to get a fare for tomorrow to go vaccination and have some foods...

Jaehyun : There's no taste like this until now, is this roasted chicken (통닭) or ribs? Doyoung : *doing hand sign to reverse the order of the foods* All : snsjsnsnsn Jaehyun : AKH JAEHYUUUN 😭😭 (capt : really in despair) Jaehyun OTL HELP 😭

Travel to explore, to learn, to escape. Travel around the city, or tour the sights thousands of miles away. This World Tourism Day explore culture, food, architecture, or just take a moment to relax and create memories.


India's farmers are as important to the country as food is to humanity.

Want Food & Drinks Packaging in time for the festive season with BRCGS AA Accreditation? We can help. Email [email protected] or call 0114 429 8187.

The system wants you: - Depressed by showing you mindless politics. - Obese by selling you junk food. - Broke by discouraging production & criminalizing entrepreneurship. - Sick by enslaving you to pills. That's why they dislike this timeline. Refuse to be a slave!

A warm and sweet Birthday Party was held in NPP❤ Lots of food to share and so many smiling faces spent the moment together🥳 Happy Birthday to our dear colleagues!!!🎂

thank u fionskie for letting us stay in ur house 😍 Ps: thank u sa foods na pang one week HAHAHAHAHA 🤣

Meditate on this: Eating healthy foods and taking QuiAri products can help you lose weight, increase energy, look and feel younger, and help you feel great, but the Maqui, the world's new #1 superfruit, has other benefits, such as better mental clarity and enhanced performance.

Bring Home ProVedic A2 Gir Cow’s Bilona Ghee for your loved ones and you now! The Vedas refer to Ghee as the ‘first and most essential of all foods’ for its purifying and rejuvenating properties. Ghee made from milk which contains only A2 beta-casein (protein) is called A2 Ghee.

With empty shelves in food shops, Iain Duncan Smith decides to take a packed lunch to work.