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Jessica William

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It's my 20th birthday today so I drew something to celebrate! <3 - All of my friends brought all this tasty food and I just couldn't help myself!! Took a nice nap right after lol A full tum is a happy tum!

How is this *not* the Chinese social credit system? “Johnson is to launch a government-backed rewards programme for..healthier food & exercising..organised events or walking to school will also accumulate extra "points" in a new app” Are you worried yet?

. Fans have started an initiative to provide food for the needy through a truck in Chennai city. This will be done for 3 days with 15 hours/day. First of its kind welfare activity in Kollywood. Kudos👍🏻

Grocery giveaway sponsored by Michael Thomas going on today. He bought enough food to feed 500 families

mika: "i was thinking what your favorite food would be" yuu: "uh...i guess curry?" mika: "haha, how childish" yuu: "then, what do you like?" mika: "uh...let me's also curry" yuu: "how childish" mika: "i guess so too"

Extreme weather is slamming crops across the globe, bringing with it the threat of further food inflation at a time costs are already hovering near the highest in a decade and hunger is on the rise

"Need to hit Whole Foods see if Asian pears are in season (numbers)" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Polar bears are up against a huge problem. They are losing their habitat. As the Arctic becomes increasingly warm & sea ice disappears making it harder to find a mate & food. We must deal with all the crisises we face. Let's protect each other and the planet.

Sorry for no draws, had a fever. Have a sketch tho! Favourite foods <3

The refugees sheltering in the compound of Takhuntine monastery, Bhamo tsp, Kachin state urgently need food supplies as they are now jobless in the third wave of COVID. FREE OUR PRISONERS

It's great to have her back, but what hell is that food!!

I'm happy to announce that next Saturday, July 31st, we will be having our 1 YEAR PARTNER ANNIVERSARY SUB-A-THON!! Stream starts at 3pm EST and we'll be going for 6 hours with a 12 hour MAX! GIVEAWAYS, FURRY GAMES, SPICY FOODS AND MORE!!

When I buy expensive food and it tastes bad 😕😭

Most simple foods are the best...

Coffee Truck Instagram Update When they were giving out foods, Wooseok came. They said they thought WS won't be able to come but he took a moment to look at the coffee truck. WS saw the posters, banners, photos, and ordered drinks. However, the shoot started +

minwan don’t forget to eat delicious foods, take care of yourself!!!! aduh KEREN BGTTTT LO TALANGEKKKK

call me old fashioned but i was raised to serve my wife. i clean the dishes and cook her food. i do whatever she says because she is my wife and she makes the rules around the house. she owns me. if she ever cheats on me it's because i was lacking.

Here are some tips for your perfect picnic this summer! Make sure to keep your perishable foods out of the sun or in a cooler, prevent a fire by not grilling too close to your house and make sure to keep your pets away from the grill.

My current obsession. Videos of variety of mass/bundle/many foods preparation.

I don’t normally eat hoooman food but when I do I make sure it’s something with just a dusting of cheese

One who smokes tobacco in a bidi-hookah and sows seeds, then the lust of tobacco (subtle elements) enters in that food also. for more information Sadhna T.V 07:30PM Daily With Proof of our All Holy Books .