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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

wooyoung volunteered to scoop food for them & the way he didn’t notice that he forgot to give some to jongho 😭😭

never forget what they took from you.

Welcome to our very normal cooking show where we talk about normal cooking show stuff

"Food waste really is one of the world's most overlooked environmental problems," says Rayner Loi. "And this is why at Lumitics we're passionate about building solutions to help tackle food waste and loss"

our relationship with our bodies shouldn't feel like a chore. find a workout that you absolutely love, foods that give you energy, a skin-care routine that feels beautiful. taking care of ourselves is a luxurious feeling.

“In-N-Out has always been my favorite fast food.”

🐻Why are you talking so much? 🐶He has become sensitive, that's bad. Bring the food- - hehe hangry shownu~

I been wanting to implement this idea for a long time. I have 50,000+ followers, a Black nonbinary person came to me for help, they need $70 for food/menstrual items to make it through the week due to being out of a job. If 70 people who saw this post gave just $1, theyd be set

lena, honey, she's your friend, not food

The whole chicken republic staff coming out to perform for you after spending ₦15,000 on food

...I'm living at a peak of clarity and beauty I never knew existed. Every. !!HKQ!! ??فوغا كلوسيت?? !!HKQ!! What is this food in my head, anyway? Let’s see...؟؟M44??. ..

20 October 1943 | A Polish woman Helena Płotnicka, a member of the resistance group engaged in helping prisoners of (she smuggled food and messages for them) was registered in the camp with no. 65492. She perished in Auschwitz in March 1944.

ゴゴゴ at the local fast food restaurant?!

Win likes to smile Bright: try to be brighter and smiling more Win likes to eat foods. Bright: learn cooking Win likes EDM Bright: learn DJing "I'm cold but I will melt in the right hands" is suitable for this. ❤

Your daily Yamato food 💚~

Pete Buttigieg saying that the supply chain crisis is a sign of economic strength is like bragging that childhood obesity is good because it means that food is plentiful.

If reporting factually on scientific info re vaccine safety/effectiveness & asking logical, rational questions makes one 'anti-vaccine' or a 'vaccine skeptic' then I must be: anti-cars, anti-money, anti-govts., anti-presidents, anti-tires, anti-toys, anti-medicine, anti-food...

How long do we have to live in 2 realities? 🤔 One half of this country thinks Brexit is working and the Covid-19 crisis is over yet there's food and labour shortages with thousands seriously ill or dying from Covid-19. The other half are just trying to stay sane.

Before eating and after eating 🥺🤏🏻Foods make baby happy 🧡🐱

Free Food + Free Delivery 😎

Q. If you personally will open a store for The Bs, what kind of store would it be like? 🐱 Juyeon's House I want to collect and operate with only the foods that I liked since I was young. For example, tteokbokki, pork belly, rice noodles, coffee, kimchi stew, taco, hamburger.