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Jessica William

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felix’s travel in japan schedule, 1am-8am: sleep in good & comfy bed in japan 8-11 : wanna eat good japanese breakfast 11-3pm : SHOPPING 3-6pm :go around tokyo & look around japan’s only city & food 6-9 : go to japanese rest & eat for 3 hrs at my own pace

Banana Pudding Cheesecake Bars Smash or Pass?

Tasty meals of South Korea - a delicious thread 😋 (Cuz I am craving)

🍂🐾🎃 PUMPKIN SPICE PUP 🎃🐾🍂 Something else is finally happening too~

| "Agri-food systems need to minimise cost on the ; need to transform the way the country produces and consumes ", says Tomio Shichiri, Representative in India. Know all about the :

I will not live in a society in which servers wear masks – clearly servant/serf symbol – while I sit and breathe in comfort as they deliver food and drink to me. That is not democracy. That is not equality. That is not freedom. That symbol horrifies every ideal I've ever held.

warm fuzzy nutboy serves you food, wdyd

nobody: white women on food network: look at that beefy, cheesy goodness

A state in Germany will allow supermarkets to ban people from shopping food based on their medical status. What's happening???

last night that show in chicago was very fun and special. tyler really rocked big time. today is a day off and i boxed and walked jim in the rain again and haven’t eaten yet but would be open to food suggestions. i will not choose yours but the suggestions are still welcome

Our body is essentially soil and water. The quality of our soil and water determines the quality of our food, our body, and our life.

. Farmers provides food to every person . so that no one hungry with for food.

Without farmers we will have no food. Save Indian farmers.

Tyson Foods wants to fire lifelong loyal workers who have religious or medical accommodations. They decided to play games w/ their employees & engaged in bad faith with my firm about it. Hence, I am now looking at taking cases against Tyson Foods pro bono.

[🎥🎥 TMI ] 🐮: I just want to eat something, I haven’t had anything yet . Food always comes first 😹❤️

Its time to thank the food givers- the farmers of our nation who spend days n nights just to feed us Its time to realize their efforts n regard them

It has been a constant effort to make a food secure state and ensure sufficient food for the needy. On this let’s pledge to reduce food wastage and ensure that sufficient, nutritious and safe foods is available to everyone for a healthy & productive Odisha.

Thanku Farmers.... You Not Only Give Food But Also Life Provider

We get food to eat because of farmers efforts only. Thanks a lot to farmers 🙏🏻😊

Selfless and hardworking, a farmer works hard to feed us. Thank Farmers if you eat food!

We eat food, when Farmer grows it. Please thank a Farmer on this world Food day. Tweet | RT | Share | Spread | Like

Food shortages have disrupted school lunches to the point that schools have asked parents to pack their own food. One district told parents that some food normally provided to children would not be available due to national supply-chain shortages.