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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Congratulations loves for hitting a Million views of your Sigurado Duet on YouTube. Please know that in every path and milestone you both take, we are here always. Thank you for being our light amidst of this darkness the world is now facing.

i love how jangtaek’s dynamic is always fight or flight

friendship day interaction circle !! i love yall

can’t wait for sweden grandma maggie to reunite with her first love grandpa!! tonight!!

I love sunset but I love Jay more 🥺🥰

it’s been 2 years since bts and unicef released their love myself end violence campaign. the message includes the prevention of violence and bullying and promote kindness among youth.

“It’s probably the best feeling I’ve had so far during my time with Chelsea. I’ve said it a lot of times, they’re my boyhood club and the club that I love. "I try and impress and work, then it’s out of my hands after that." - Armando Broja

I want to remind you once again that BTS is consist of 7 talented kings. Love them without leaving any member out. Stan and support them equally. ALWAYS put this on your mind. BTS is 7 !!

Too much confusion have to practice for ILES as well and participate in the trend also. And shower love for the show. What to do? CITY OF DREAMS 2 OUT NOW

Love this pic of Win and P'Toey 😍 P'Jennie clicked it very nicely.

Jowa reveal. Este He's Into Her Cast Reveal! HIH GAME OF LOVE

happy international friends day besties!! thank you so much for interacting with me you really do mean alot to me and you make me so happy fr i made so many friends! i love you even if you're not in the circle have a great day lomls and let's keep interacting more <33

Happiest birthday to our Elites software o gole o gole 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥂🥂🥂 keep on prospering in everything you do and may you never lack happiness, peace and love in your life ❤️⭐

verkwan making gyuhao their thirdwheel god i love them

reading the sypnosis of the incoming Dawon's webdrama and i think im gonna love his character in this drama too 😂❤🔗

This HIH SERIES is very big break to our best girl, Belle Mariano and I'm so very proud of her because she really do her best para magampanan ng maayos si Maxpein Del Valle. Congratulations to our best girl, wishing u more success in the future. HIH GAME OF LOVE

TagSen will forever be iconic. HIH GAME OF LOVE

sungyoon went to his cafe event, bought drinks for goldenness there (heard he bought the most ex menu) and even went to his subway ad and left a “thank you i love you” post it and signature there. HOW TO NOT LOVE SUNGYOON?

It's love shot (cute ver)