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Jessica William

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A six year-old girl has been hospitalized with magnets in her stomach. She was trying to recreate a TikTok trend using magnets to resemble a tongue piercing. The mother is warning about the dangers of the magnets.

4 years ago, LOONA Odd Eye Circle performed “Girl Front” on The Show.

the girl looks like she's a working city girl while the guy looks more laid back and chill, and what if they meet in the mv 🤩 i'm so curious about the story

“Your eyes sparkle when you talk about her, it’s really beautiful”🤍 The way this man is a actor but can not hide his love for his girl😭

"A girl group who is good at boy group relay dances" They've already covered many bg dances before but I uploaded this since I felt that they danced well and were full of power (idol radio) Ending it off with the cover I personally like the most (dynamite)

Everyone who work with her appreciate her ♥️ Everyone want to see her smiling ♥️ My girl deserve all the love ♥️

Things good girls do 1. Love daddy 2. Do everything for daddy 3. Beg daddy to cum in them

Hayeee 🥺 Amaal cmt have my heart every one know she is truely a gem of a person " A true girl with a true heart " 🥺🥳 Thank you Amaal 🥺

The way they added each of the girls' symbols 💙🦋⭐🌙

. was the most searched girl group on MelOn in the last 24 hours, with over 11,927 searches.

210925 SinB's comments in Sojeong's ig live 🐱 what's with ur visual 🦊 it's SinB! SinB~! It's SinB~ i miss u.. (SinB left) 🦊 SinB left? she left? she's leaving my room (live) so fast..when i was clearly watching other rooms (the girls live) until late..

she's such a good girl, she's a good girl, feels so good

"21st Century Girl" Audio has surpassed 10 Million streams on YouTube music. 🔗

Can y’all imagine the Edo girls in the club?? Omooo choke everywhere!!🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

., & join to discuss the power of social media and reports this week of the harm Instagram can cause for teen girls.

Admit it, Girls With Dimples Are The Cutest 😻❤️

Our did not lack in reminding us to be nicer to each other. We stan even harder! As a fan of , let's practice what our golden girl always says in her live. When we do that, we know that she'll be proud of us. Be kind and spread positivity! 🤎

Back then when this video came out, people didn't notice that this is Kim Suyeon. The judges loved her perf, even just an audition!

Omg. Omg. Omg. I screamed so loudly! And i had to log in for this!!!! THE POSTER LOOKS FAB! And my girl gonna shine so bright ❤️✨ HONSLA RAKH POSTER OUT