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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

🎉2021 K-COMMUNITY FESTIVAL ON LINE🎉 Hello K-Communities, We are so honoured to have WEi's Junseo & LOONA's Chuu as MCs for this year K-Community Festival Online! Please look forward to it!

monte seu look versão vermelha (mbti, signos, dia/mês de aniversário)

🍦monte seu look black & white de acordo com seu mbti, mês do aniversário, signo e cor favorita:

OLHEM MEU LOOK nao gostou ? fodase

her cheeks look so soft, round and white like mantou

what perfection looks like

why does it look like hyejin's bridal shower 😂

do you see this engenes!? our streamers and fanbases are working very hard. look at the result. pls let's do the same in streaming the accessible platforms such as youtube and spotify! let's go all out for enhypen!!


Karina’s ribbon photocard gonna looks like this🥺 so pretty

one look at each other is enough for them to burst into laughter 🥺

She said she put on beret to look pretty for buddy 🥰


the sticker tattoo looks so attractive on her

this specific jisung look is making me insane a selca king indeed

never knew that this yoongi look exists😵‍💫

this is how an angel looks like

she does not look satisfied 😭

Phi krist really adore nong Gulf. Gulf look like he lil bro. he always comment when Gulf doing live. he say happy v day, happy mothers day. p’krist also who introducing hazard to Gulf. Gulf said he close to phi krist and feel comfort when work with him

i think they just change the thumbnail... now, look at our 🐿️... 💘