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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

handwritten message during "Promise You" stage "to: czennies thank you for always supporting us ^◡^ please look forward for this time too!! we will definitely meet again ♡♡"

Q. What do the members think when they look in the mirror? *Jaehyun poses* Jungwoo: Kind of like James Dean~ Jaehyun: 해보자 해보자 후회하지 말고 (let’s do it, and let’s not regret) Haechan: It’s like a line straight out of a movie T/N: Volleyball captain Kim Yeon Koung’s chant

Tay and Phuwin accidentally hit each other and Phuwin got hurt Everyone was so worried bout him . Look at them taking care of the nong 😭❤️

look at they lookin so expensive !!

Princess Margaret was a muse to Cecil Beaton, Slim Aarons, and her photographer husband, Lord Snowdon. We take a look back at 23 iconic photographs of the late royal

aww, look at her description!! 🥺❤️❤️ neeche Debattama x Anokhi bhi likha hai... lemme jusst cry 🤧🤧

Hi , the cast of BTS’ “Summer Package” is missing Kim Taehyung’s (AKA V) photo. Would you please look into this issue ASAP? Thanks very much.

y’all sad? look at astronaut cutie joonie🥺

LOOK: Eighty-five dogs and 31 cats are up for adoption at Antipolo City pound, according to a post on Jun-Andeng Ynares’ Facebook page. For those who want to adopt, the city’s legal office is open from Mondays to Fridays, from 8 am to 5 pm. | 📷Jun-Andeng Ynares

TI: when I look in the mirror I just.. 😌💪🤔😏 TY: you check out your body? TI: instead of my chest I like to look at my shoulders.. TY: sometimes when I see taeil hyung do such things I feel like living with him! JW: he has his own routine

now look at this

Take it, take it and don’t look back queen You get that sponsorship - also, looking forward to the boob tutorial 👉👉

Hey look rooster

If we look at the changing, awake and emerging today, it becomes clear that this backward of years is indeed moving towards rapid development.

Happiness is the best look on 🥺

Look, ! It’s HUKBO on Telegram! Do you have a Hukbias? Wanna share your support for the band through TG messaging? Check the link below and download this sticker pack now! Let that Hukbaby shine!

Ultra stylish look 🤩 Just sample matrame..Beautiful melody song loading 🕺

The BUCEILS-HS Supreme Student Government is delighted to announce the newly selected councilors for this school year. We look forward to your service, AEgents! RAFAELA PLACIDES Grade 7-SCHOLARSHIP AIRA CONCEPCION Grade 9-GOLD JUSTIN SALVATIERRA Grade 10-GALILEO

minimoni look so good in suits together