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Jessica William

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I'm crying 😭 I will be here until the end. TWICE BEST GIRLS

Mạnh bạo với em quá là em chảy nước đó 😭

girls groupchats vs guys groupchats

“It girl” es un termino que NO se divide en generaciones. Ese término no es un “cumplido” es un título que se lo dieron a jennie por imponer tendencia, porque cada cosa que se pone lo agotan en cuestión de minutos, por encabezar en las listas de br +

【COLLAB ANNOUNCEMENT】 WE, AESPA Intl. along with , , & have accepted an offer to collaborate with Girls Planet 999 contestant Kim Chaehyun Fanbase () for the upcoming final episode. ✨ (Details on the reply section)

I always find the right girl at the wrong time🖤


the girl boss shit is cute or whatever but I vry much admire the women who are simply taken care of by their men and don’t have to lift a finger. they the real winners in this life

last year musical actress jeong sunah who played glinda in wicked korea commented on nejingggg’s post about wendy and now ock joohyun who plays as elphaba in the same musical posted a pic with her SHE GOT BOTH THE GIRLS YALL 😭😭

cry abt it wonyoung is still the 4th gen it girl

Bora and Hyewon from IZONE are bestie since high school and still are now! My fellow WIZONE and Hyewon Stan, Bora is currently a finalist of Girls Planet 999, if you have Universe app or willing to vote for her, please help us with this, we appreciate your support so so much <3

This is what we need.. People encouraging him with applause.. 🌸😻😻 And soon to visualize this applaude on big screen too for his acting.. 🌸💜 As a fan girl., just waiting for that moment 😻

WINTER joins Karina and Yeji as the only 4th Generation Girl Group Idols to rank #1 on the Individual Girl Group Brand Reputation Ranking!

Taylor Swift and Adele were mentioned during Colin Jost's segment on SNL tonight regarding the phrase ‘Sad Girl Autumn’ as they both have albums due in November.

Always willing to help yan. That's my girl

🎥| was mentioned in the latest ‘Weekend Update’ segment! — “Upcoming releases from Taylor Swift & Adele signal a shift from hot girl summer to sad girl autumn”


sad girl autumn is in full effect

Katie McGrath, inspiring girls to become great women. A real life superhero.

Don't we all remember Girls' Generation's legendary 'GENIE' performance on a helipad? And yes we also did that for 2021 Changwon k-pop world festival. Hope we can follow our seniors' path to be on the very top of industry as well.

girls like me are so fucking mean

"She never seemed shattered. To me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battle's she's won." - by Matt Baker I dedicate this quote to u , for the many more battles you are fighting and yet to win. More power and success to you, girl ! 🦋

Girls night out