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Jessica William

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210920 Wendy's Youngstreet Although there are no audiences these days, I smile when I perform on stage, especially when the audience enjoys it together. So one of my wishes is to do a radio broadcast with an audience someday. If I do it, I think I'll do it with a big smile.

♡ the prettiest smile belongs to jimin

Without a smile people are incomplete 😊

Jimin’s kindest, prettiest, so precious soul smile

he really hv that smile that makes you smile too when you look at him☹️💗

Nooo... His smile... He is soooo cute... 😭😭💗💗💗🐰

doyoung jumping everytime he gets excited :( his gummy smile :( his hands turning into fist when he gets excited :( cutely punching air

"And she will continue to smile, no matter how hurt she is" | Pio and Mira

eye smile puppies

base from 🥳 (party-hat) eyes from 🥽 (goggles) mouth from 🙂 (slight-smile)

It’s good to see THEM happy!🥺😩

Raq looking at Sham intensely with a smile on his face. Sham: What happened to you? Raq: (After a long pause with the same look) You. What is love if not this? You guys are adorable. WE LOVE SHARA

love how he smile, how he claps, how he jump in tiny haha adorable

I just took it📸🌕 I'm sorry I couldn't take a good picture.💦🙏 The second picture is 📸 I filmed it in the evening. It was a beautiful sky.😀 I'm looking up at the sky from SAPPORO. Let's be happy with a smile.😀💗🙏

my favorite smile 🥺

Happy International Week of Happiness at Work. Do something special this week at work to make a co-worker or yourself smile!

Kal se bohotttttttt sad hu 😭😭😭 Lekin yeh stream scheduled dekhi toh chere pe khushi aagayi! This stream is going to be a stress buster for me! Relief ♥️ Thank you very much for making us smile! Aap nhi hote toh kya hota hamara??

ni-ki is a beautiful & brave boy who loves bungeoppang. ni-ki's beaming & blissful smile's bright. ni-ki looks breathtaking in both black & blonde hair. our beloved ni-ki is bubbly & benevolent. ni-ki best boy