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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Blacks will never be able to create generational wealth if we keep treating ourselves like we ain’t good enough for anything but welfare and food stamps.

Thousands of displaced villagers without food, shelter or medical care do not dare to return home following deadly Myanmar army raids

Will you LOOK at my amazing lunch at in York, which not only serves divine food it’s also a social enterprising supporting the rehabilitation of women offenders. WILL YOU?

I’m having a dinner party. I invite 10 people. I have enough food for 10 people. My table seats 10 people. 400 people show up. I don’t care where they’re from or what they look like. All I know is I have no way to accommodate all these people. That’s illegal immigration.

🥟: My lips get twice their size when I eat spicy foods.

President Morales I am a 29 year old boy from London. Food and C02 shortages mean there are no longer any fries available at Roosters Peri Peri nor seltzer at the co-op. Please send Hongdu K-8s to liberate us.

NOOOO LOOK HOW CHANGMIN SURPRISED 😂😂 SHINee’s Minho as a surprise guest on Free Hug ✨✨ CM : *offer the food* MH : No, I won’t eat that 😂

As the UK faces petrol shortages as well as gas and food, No 10 says on the plus side at least the uplands are lit by the sun.

Shhh I try to steel my food for tonight

Fan: I like watching Mix eat. He eats deliciously and happily Mix: I am accepting work involving food Neo: Garfield555555

not a cafe but we went here to chill & for the korean street foods. all sedap & reasonably priced, more varieties than CU 🤤 2 tingkat boleh chill sambil makan bulgogi cupbab rm9.90 je! new fav lepak place ✨

I'm so full of noodles and other yummy foods

Cassandra's daughters apparently love cat food 💀

American kids try foods served in schools around the world... Ya Kenya 😭.. the disrespect ya Githeri

Weekend habit: netflix plus junk foods😇

🥟: I don't sweat when I eat spicy foods, I get cold. I start shivering.

Food is distribution to the needy children in Vijayanagaram Team ❤️

Down at chatting to families about how WeCanMake could help with people’s housing situation. Brilliant set up with lush food! 🙌💪😍

So the EU was blamed for everything wrong in Britain: bendy bananas, the power of vacuum cleaners etc. etc. But Brexit is apparently not responsible for labour shortages, food shortages or accentuating the energy crisis. Sometimes it feels like Britain is a fact-free zone.