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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Jungkook's tattoo: how it started How it's going September 2019. September 2021

gentle reminder that media may be allowed but fansites definitely aren’t. plus AsiaToday has a history of questionably taken pics so just be conscious while sharing any pics/videos 💜


It’s nice to see our golden girl using the things that people gave to her. She really treasures the things that are given to her. FRANC1NE RoomTourVLOG

After collecting numbers and IUC’s. Me and my home girls having fun 💃💃🔥🔥

Fitness tip of the day: Train like a girl, THAT girl.

Real hot girl shii 😋

We, Liquolions/RoseArmy are aggressive steppers. We need to keep up with our girl Liquorose on the dance floor.

girls planet 999 2nd elimination rumors - kindly know the difference between a rumor and an actual spoiler - please refrain from dm-ing me, i'll post here everything i get so no questions need to be asked lol - im not mn3t - take with a grain of salt !! - don't trust anyone :p

: just how fast the night changes


SaNa cAm Girl is here

triple date :) thank you girls! 💜

"STEREOTYPE" becomes 's highest charting song on Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart (#16) 👏🎉

euphoria girls be like "on my way to school"

Laughing at the fact that Emmanuel's survival tomorrow is being questioned.😂 The same Emma of Emmarose that caused some LQ stans to be shalaye-ing telling themselves not to loose focus and prioritize their girl.

Girls' Tower in Istanbul

Person: makes a joke that was deemed funny and acceptable at the time White girls on Twitter 20 years later: