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Jessica William

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My favorite girl. 🤍

Jaebeom and the girl has amazing chemistry, I love it 🥺

Call me crazy but in 1MSTUDIO there is a choreographer named "Bale". Could it be that the real clue is that he is the choreographer of the debut song? 1M uploaded a video to YT and Bale is dancing with the same colors as the photo Junsu uploaded. May be just a coincidence 🤡

the prettiest girl ever

These two are giving me the funny couple next door vibes. I am so excited to see them rock onscreen. My fav it girl looks absolutely breathtaking.

Idk but the concept for AM PM and FAME kinda makes me remind of the film “Before Sunrise”?? Like it seems like Junny and Jay B were on a trip and met this girl which Jay B ended up fall in love and the AM PM is the part where they suppose to say goodbye to each other

my best girls let's fucking go

So happy to see Indian girls getting offers for the Big Bash in Australia. And I will repeat. The standard of cricket in India will sky-rocket once we have a Women's IPL.

our birthday girl

Elites, how many awards are we winning? Just a few days left to vote for the ! Voting closes Oct 1st so let’s do what we do best! 🙏🏽🌟💫 Categories ✨Next Rated Actress of the Year ✨Female Personality of the Year Vote Erica Nlewedim:

Moinul Haque's niece said that Moinul Haque saw the police beating their girl. His house had already been destroyed. He got angry, took a stick and tried to drive away the police.

NENGI THE ACTRESS has taken over. This humble girl from bayelsa is going world wide. ANTICIPATE BBNB BADBOYS AND BRIDESMAIDS

Our birthday girl is here!! Happy Birthday to our Eunbi, go watch her live now💜🤩Geumbi is also with her uwu

Shade contacted us to curate a themed box to celebrate the signing out of best girl from unilag. This one is for all graduating class of 2020+1.

this part in FAME when the girl is just smiling at jaebeom as he reads and it reminded me of the time when he said his ideal date is doing the things they love to enjoy together as long as they are having fun 😭

Best interview She want people recognize and remember her bcz of her work ❣️ Not bcz of some one girl friend 🔥And this is her best thing that she didn't want to get limelight bcz of relationship and in the name of support ❣️ Proud of you jasmin 🔥