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Jessica William

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Boris Johnson asked for ‘emergency’ food deal, says Bolsonaro Welcome to Johnsons “golden age”

Burning hot food? But I wanna eat it NOW 🥺

The cause of our food and petrol shortages is Brexit – yet no one dares name it |

Only Boris Johnson could take us from “sunny uplands” to “emergency food deals” in just nine months from the end of the transition period

Why do drinks get warm and food get cold?

Food is ready Who wants???

Good Morning, If you think food slap u a bitch

It’s the first weekend of Fall! Check out the scarecrows at or head over to Pipersville for food trucks and live music. See you there! 🔥🍁

Prepping food for Petunia~ Commission for

Major food crisis looms in Pak as Pak Flour Mills Association warned the govt on acute shortage of wheat in Punjab.

food poll for edtwt come with me to a hong kong style cafe! (cha caan teng 茶餐廳 / 'ice house' 冰室)

We’ve a shortage of workers, petrol, food, gas, CO2 and in Downing Street a shortage of decency, honesty & competence

A person eats 56 types of food in a human vagina, due to lack of true devotion, a person does not get all this in 84 lakh vaginas and has to suffer great suffering. Saint rampal ji maharaj

Food shortages, fuel shortages. No sunlit uplands

What's your Pet peeve?? Me : Pet peeve >> Chewing food loudly😩😩

Had Good food at @uptown_fsd...We Ordered ➡️Cheesy Sticks ➡️Moroccan chicken ➡️Cordon Bleu ➡️pasta ➡️Mint margarita ➡️ Molten lava. No doubt @uptown_fsd food was very good. Taste 9/10 Quantity 10/10 Service 9/10 Environmental 10/10

This term, our kitchen team, with newly appointed cook Mrs McDermott have been working hard to improve our lunchtime menu choices. It’s lovely to see the children enjoying healthy lunches and trying new foods.

Tomato is first CRISPR-edited food to go on sale in the world

We are stand with Farmers No Farmer No Food