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Jessica William

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My explore page on Instagram is full of food puppies and make up.. Bc I keep up with what I LIKE

Fuck Joe Biden chanted by an entire food court.

Tonight we eat FATI food for dinner

The climate emergency is here and now. People around the world are already hurting, even dying from “natural” disasters, forced displacement, food shortages and more, We must organise for the global day of action for climate justice on 6 November

NYC anti-vaxxers storm food court in protest of indoor mandate

Since everyone is showing off their food

🍑 our eunbi unnie, who often send a lot of korean foods 😀ㅎㅎㅎ im always thankful and happy birthday~ 💞🥺💕

What's weird is you get called a radical just for pointing out reality. People are homeless while millions of homes are empty. People are hungry while tons of food is thrown out. People can't pay for healthcare while trillions of dollars sit offshore. These are simply facts.

ppl saying HEESEUNG has no ships in enhypen when twinz r eo's support system, 5yearz got the most understanding bond, ramyeonz have their food nights, mildangz compliment eo in every chance, spicyz gave us a whole live with praises & fifaz r THE game partners is making me cackle.

[210927] hitomi updated her instagram stories with eunbi "my eunbi unnie who sends me a lot of korean food 😀 ㅎㅎㅎ thank you, always. happy birthday~ 💞" [🔗]

low cal foods that I eat without any guilt (and they dont taste like anorexia)

hitomi’s ig story updated 🎂💜 “our eunbi unnie who often send many korean foods 😀 ㅎㅎㅎ i’m always thankful and happy birthday~💞

They don't think about feeding their household during Arbaeen, only thing they do is to prepare food for the pilgrims of Imam Hussain ع This is called true

Bread thieves! Taliban have arrested two teenage boy for stealing bread from a bakery. One of them told a local journalist, "my family did not eat in past 3 days, i am sorry if i took that bread without permission, but i had to. There is no job & no food, what would i've done?"

getting dragged to food shop when the vlog very well could drop rn sadge

It’s especially fun to imagine Shakespeare’s effusive praise for future foods

Ludhiana Morcha ✊ No Farmers No Food

Good morning ☀️ friends I’m needing some help with $45 for some food to get by. I’m a disabled mom and would sure appreciate the help. Spread kindness

he was about to eat a stolen food & i told him Edouard 👇🏽

Thank you to everyone who visited us at Open Evening! Our aspiring geographers got to taste foods of the world...

The 4 worst foods to ever exist🤢