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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

So proud of my friend and her work with the to create a world where all girls can learn and be leaders. Creating a more inclusive education system, where students can stand up to the injustices around them, will allow us all to rise.

Mạnh bạo với em quá là em chảy nước đó 😭

Imagine going into a girls comments to find your girlfriend already waiting there for you😭😭

sorteo cuenta de spotify premium por tres meses + hbo max esto con la finalidad de obtener más votos para mi main pick de girls planet 999 nonaka shana <3

[breaking news] upcoming rookie girl group 'viviz' showcasing their vocal skills before their debut

i’m in love with the prettiest girl

the girls cheering “pretty! pretty!” to tiffany yes they’re just like me 🥲

SinB eunha umji singing s.e.s - i love you, a famous 1st generation girl group that's also a trio 🎶


This little girl is still missing. Jamaicans let us pray and keep sharing her pic until she is found alive. Help us God and protect her from the enemy.

cant believe we got a peaceful gugugu girls night and then mnet drops the “btw ur pick isn’t debuting lol”

This story has gotten very little attention. A white cop drove 60 down a residential road w/o lights or sirens, struck & killed a 12-year-old Black girl named Akeelah Jackson, & a Judge ruled the cop "not-guilty" w/o involving a jury. Horrid injustice.

the girls hyping master tiffany yes that’s right!

happy birthday to loona’s first girl, heejin!! 🐇

Jae : “I miss Sykkuno.” :’D For context : the girls didn’t want Jae to troll. And, who’s the king of troll? Ofc, it’s Sykkuno😂 It’s okay, Jae. Syk for sure is on your side😂

this guy crashed into a 19 year old girl and kiIIed her while drunk driving in 2007

Tiffany: Please only show pretty appearances & give kind/positive words & compliments to our girls. This isnt in my script but i'm saying it here first. We must protect our girls Tiffany's always been kind & positive in GP999. No wonder MNET kept cutting her off & edited her out

Tiffany loves the girls so much. Such a great mentor.

chaehyun and dayeon challenging xiaorina for the best couple in girls planet 999 😭

to those of u who think the girls didnt see their rankings the screens in front of them LITERALLY show whatever the youtube stream is showing aka thats how they also watched the ooo video with us they obviously saw the screen showing the ranks right after

Just let the girl sing 😩