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Jessica William

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If you want to see how safe it is for goras in Pakistan, watch my documentary. Walking the streets. Eating the food. No protocol.

Flashback to May 25th,2021 when Twitter did it’s thing for my food business. It’s been success stories ever since then. We are still in need of 234 customers to help us achieve our daily target of 1500 walk-in and online order customers. 08034092653 and DM (To order) N1,000 only

210917 : "Eat a lot of delicious food on Chuseok and I hope you have an abundant Chuseok. Happy Chuseok. And the OST will be released soon, and I sang it with a slightly different and cute voice. I sang it with a cute voice, so please listen to it." 💙

It’s a bliss to give a snack you made yourself to the pet that you love, and loves you back! Although not perfect, I worked hard on it, and Mongryong enjoyed it very much! LOL Seeing that, I realized how satisfying it is when someone enjoys the food I make!!

Baby no that’s not food 🥺

My constituents are bothering about losing 20 quid a week from their Universal Credit not twenty ounces or twenty pounds. How out of touch can you be to care more about the measurements in shops than whether working people can afford their weekly shop and put food on the table

whee_inthemood strikes again 🧢🔗 telling us to enjoy chuseok holiday with delicious food 🌰

No but hazard looks so healthy the food must be reaaaaally good

This is how i get fed, Could you imagine how difficult this is.The smells of all different foods in the high street,or just the simple things like a BBQ. please share as i am trying to get the word out about families who have to adapt to a community with out being able to eat

In this Pandemic so many persons we are loss our job now what we think firstly we are needed activated foods production secondly considered others job opportunity in this difficulties situations conditions our current needful is foods & medicine .

chaeyoung giving dahyun one of her foods because dahyun went to the nurse's room earlier 🥺🫂 truly the best bros!!

Shame on them. Like most packets of biscuits, this has only half a star rating out of five. Would you stay in a hotel that is rated half a star? So why put this garbage in our body. These processed foods are poisoning us. Anything with less than 4.5 stars should not be legal.

'Never seen so much love': Pakistani cricket stars meet families of Christchurch attack victims Some food for thought

Thank you for the foods and drink, also thank you for... uhm today *cough* ❤️

flowers what? hazard only knows food 😅 VifxGulf&Hazard

Enjoying local foods in Binalot 😩

Cut to Universal Credit, high Covid rates, close down Channel 4, breaking of ministerial codes, food shortages, rising job vacancies nobody wants to fill. BUT HEY LOOK THERE’S WEIGHTS & MEASURES, DORRIES AND BRITISH TV AS A DISTRACTION. A culture war most of us don’t want.

’’Food is a lot people’s therapy when we say comfort food. We really mean that. It’s releasing dopamine and serotonin in your brain that makes you feel good.