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Jessica William

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proof that all apink members have amazing vocals ♡

⏰🐼 Agenda Diaria ⏰🐼 16 de Octubre 'SPACEMAN' Contenido Oculto ⏰ Sera anunciado 📌A través de Twitter: LIVE TAT x MEW Amazing Thailand awaits You ⏰ 1:00 PM Hora Thai 📌Evento exclusivo

eu vou muito rápido de I wanna die pra life is amazing

White Horse Division is known for their honorable background and Chanyeol is so amazing for achieving all these qualifications for him to be in that division. Always so proud of Park Chanyeol 👏🏻

// AMPHIBIA SPOILERS O u r b r e t h e r e n

XIUMIN is the hadestown cutie with beautiful voice, amazing falsetto, great acting skills 😌💯

Thank you to all of the amazing people behind the song 'Butter!' Please join us in celebrating them and ALL creators who work tirelessly to bring music to life. Let's where credit is due for !

⚡️SLMT A'TIN!! Thanks so much for listening to the . We had a BLAST putting it together for you and hope many new listeners got to discover this amazing group! On Channel R, we LOVE playing music from different countries, languages & genres.

Ningning you are amazing!

Made in Khartoum met made in Lagos 🥺 Still can’t believe it, He was amazing.

What an amazing morning to wake up... Life peaked again, Thanks 😭💛🙏🏻.


Boy, I could really use some coffee

ITZY’s Yuna said that her current celebrity crush is ! 💕 “Now it’s the IU sunbaenim, ‘cause last we appeared in IU’s Palette, the show, that time I was shocked by her features and personalities. And last time I saw the drama ’My Mister’, I felt ‘oh she’s amazing!’”

Good MEWning ☀️ อรุณสวัสดิ์เพื่อนๆ ตารางงานวันนี้มาแล้วฮะ 😉🗓  16.10.2021 🔴 [Live] TAT X MEW AMAZING THAILAND AWAITS YOU EXCLUSIVE ONLINE EVENT ⏰ 13:10 - 15:00 📺 Web: Ctrip (Exclusive)

4th-Anniversary Tour: Indonesia Friends, anniversary, Bali! Sunset, beach, panjat pinang! Kudos to Captain for the amazing fanwork!

ShehnaazGill on big screen n how beautiful!!! Cast her in a Bollywood someone!! So pretty and amazing acting!! Want more of her!! 👏🏻👏🏻

Congratulations My Days for stanning DAY6 and knowing about Young K💕 the biggest flex we can have as a fangirl/fanboy😊 no regrets of knowing such an amazing person like you.

Yo! Say Hello to the “Demascus” Writers’ Room — All Black. All Amazing.

This match was FUCKING AMAZING Sasha and becky have the best chemistry out of the 4HW i said what i said