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Jessica William

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1/2 The new 007 movie "NO TIME TO DIE" will be released on this weekend. My favorite 007 plot is as follows. "Thunderball” and "You Only Live Twice" which started with Bond infiltrates the enemy base, is caught unawares, is invited to dinner with the Bond girl by the boss,

"If I hadnt met this girl, I don't think I wouldve considered marriage. That's how strongly I feel for her." "She is the only person that continuously changes me. I want to walk besides her for the rest of my life". "

The girl, in her early 20s, sustained fatal injures and was admitted to a private hospital with the help of neighbours who came to help after hearing the noise.

Happy birthday my darling girl. She came to me late in life but oh what a joy she is 🥰😁

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Wonyoung omg 🥺 The first thing she said after having her birthday song was telling everyone that she’s back good and healthy, and then even her birthday wish was for everyone who loves and support her to be healthy - says the girl who just recovered from covid not long 😭🥺

How I would be in your faces when Maria Chike is bagging all the deals and making big girl moves 💰💴💵 Marians Project30

My Girl Stole The Trailer n How👄💅 Shehnaaz Gill ★ ||

This girl prepared a nice meal for me nanso:

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From people saying that she will not get any project after bb to now back to back project 🔥she have really came a long way bcz of her hardwork keep shining more girl many more success is on the way. PEENE LGE HO OUT TMRW

I don’t know about u and how u define stanship..but i sha know one thing Marians love Maria Chike and they’re ready to run this life race with her and her only ..and this is because … our favorite is unstoppable Marians Project30

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MAMAMOO Solar for World Vision 'A Girls' 60 Days' "Without sanitary pads, it can be a survival problem to some childrens. Just like these childrens." (Who are facing this problem) -MAMAMOO Solar-

I am very happy for Best of luck shehnaaz strong girl Shehnaaz Gil

After listening I know why all eyes are on him, “Girl” is my favorite track sha.

These two are giving me the funny couple next door vibes. I am so excited to see them rock onscreen. My fav it girl looks absolutely breathtaking.

The time is now Marians!!! We can do this needs her unstoppable Marians. Let's let the whole world know that injustice cannot bring our girl down 🦋🦋❤️

tw // mention of rape and sexual harassment ~ exposing delulu girl, a messy thread.